Carrie-Anne Moss Kept Breaking Her Leg When Making The Matrix (Memorable Movie Kicks) 

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Actors often go through hell to get a movie made. Take Carrie-Anne Moss, for example, who broke her leg on more than one occassion filming the Matrix.
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The Matrix (1999)
The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)
Dragon Lord (1982)
The Karate Kid (1984)
Cobra Kai (2018 - present)
Warrior King (2005)
Enter the Dragon (1973)
Yuen Woo Ping, Slackerwood Photo Credit: Debbie Cerda, for use with attribution, CC BY-SA 2.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Jackie Chan, Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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"Two Finger Johnny" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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timothy folk
timothy folk پیش 6 روز
The number one iconic kick in cinematic history has to be Bruce Lee jumping 8 feet vertically in the air to kick out a light
CaIasanctius پیش 9 روز
I can't believe no one mentioned the kick from "God of Cookery", that's a kick to remember
Dragon969 پیش 20 روز
All time favorite kick in a movie is the Guyver Kick in Guyver: Dark Hero, it is a jumping spinning inverse twist kick to the face.
André Ethier
André Ethier پیش 21 روز
The crane kick wasn't actually illegal, and strikes to the face were discouraged, but not technically illegal. Not to mention that Johnny tries to kick Daniel in the face at the start of their fight, which would've also been illegal even though he didn't make contact. The ref NEVER says no hits to the face or anything like that. Not to mention other fighters using crane kicks throughout the tournament and getting points for it. Johnny's PUNCH to Daniel's face was illegal, and should've caused him to be disqualified, but the ref just calls it a "clash" and restarts the fight. By the actual rules of 80s point karate, punches to the face are illegal, but kicks are perfectly legal, because they are much harder to pull off (not to mention, a good spectacle for the audience.) This has always bothered me, that kick was and always has been legal, both by real life standards at that time AND everything that happens in the movie.
Invisiblekatana پیش 22 روز
There's a show called Warrior based on some old concept writings by Bruce Lee and the main character definitely gets some classic kicks; they built one character up as a big challenge in an episode but he kicked him so hard the match was done in 1 second.
Ash Townley-Parker
Ash Townley-Parker پیش 23 روز
More MATRIX!!!!!!!!
I'm just a guy
I'm just a guy پیش 23 روز
Damn, kicks are some powerfull shi
B steel
B steel پیش 24 روز
Was enjoying this video tkll i noticed it was filmed in Quarantine meaning this idiot believes in hoaxs and probably wears a mask, lost all respect
Malyxx Plays
Malyxx Plays پیش 24 روز
The crane kick wasn't actually illegal
Elijah Jarrell
Elijah Jarrell پیش 26 روز
With the context of keanus immobility, his fights scenes are hilarious
Sam Porter Bridges
Sam Porter Bridges پیش 27 روز
Your sleeve looks nice. But overall, they're just getting overplayed
Joe shmoe
Joe shmoe پیش ماه
I trained for years and I can tell you yoko Geri is one of the most powerful kicks. There is nothing 'ordinary' about it. It would be possible to kick a man that far backwards . But. That man would not be walking or working for weeks. The scene is a stunt done with a rope to pull the other guy backwards and up into the wardrobe.
kaerret پیش ماه
agreed, the only worst part on kobra kai, is the drunken driving
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards پیش ماه
My girlfriends named after Trinity from this. She kinda doesnt like it
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards پیش ماه
@Numaan Tahir I have yelled that
Numaan Tahir
Numaan Tahir پیش ماه
Imagine in the house you need help with something and you just yell "trinity help!"
Blaise Payne
Blaise Payne پیش ماه
I did my very 1st work experience in high school on the 2nd matrix movie. And being a super nerdy goth kid it was absolutely awesome. to bad it didn't help me into actually working on big shows and movies but It did help me get some backstage theater work on props costume and makeup.
Victor Zsasz
Victor Zsasz پیش ماه
My favorite kick is Neo's right after the one handed, hand to hand with Smith.
Admiral Percy
Admiral Percy پیش ماه
Reeves had just had neck surgery before training, his neck wasn't injured as a result of training.
Nabani'Saa پیش ماه
I just love how no insurance company in the world will insure Jackie Chan.
Keilon Wade
Keilon Wade پیش ماه
A guy I went to high school with got stupid drunk at a bar and the bartender wouldn't give him his keys. He went home got a shotgun and came back and killed the guy. Thats why american bartenders just give up the keys I guess.
DazedDamien پیش ماه
Can't think of a live action one off the top of my head, but Edwards kick in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (episode 2 I believe, maybe episode 3. It's during the Liore arc) when Edward kicks the chimera after telling it it tried to eat the wrong leg. That shit was powerful.
Buggs پیش ماه
You need to nip that upward inflection in the bud mate.
John Deboise
John Deboise پیش ماه
m god
m god پیش ماه
300 has a pretty good kick
Grey Hunter
Grey Hunter پیش ماه
iirc Daniel’s kick is not illegal. You can’t punch the face, but kicks are fine. In fact Lawrence kicks 2 guys in the face on the way to the final in that movie.
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts پیش ماه
The biggest stunt is moving in those latex suits
Ruben Ashley Westerhoff
this is a stupit click-bait video, her leg/enkel broke onece so ........................
hadiisaboss پیش ماه
Your spelling have me a stroke holy shit dude have you ever taken an English lesson in your fucking life
OperationBaboon پیش ماه
"Everything above your waist is a point. You can hit the head, sternum, kidneys, ribs. Got it?" It's about the full contact, versus light hits, as it's youth competition. Also, during the competition, you can see other face and head hits being counted. Face PUNCHES are not legal, due to the potential damage. That also matches general 80ies match standards. Johnny punches Daniel in the face, which IS technically illegal and should have had him disqualified. The kick was perfectly within the rules though.
Jack Hanlon
Jack Hanlon پیش ماه
I just watched Shaolin soccer, I was very confused but it was so epic that I didn’t care, it was like a soccer team full of Spiderman and Superman. It’s like if Dragon Ball and the international soccer league had a baby and ate nothing but lightning and fire.
Mr Giggles
Mr Giggles پیش ماه
You guys should make a video about Jackie Chan.
Im Clearing It
Im Clearing It پیش ماه
"why did he give him his keys" You don't piss off a drunk karate master, nor do you anger a karate master who is drunk
Uncle Weeb
Uncle Weeb پیش ماه
Bruce Lee can kick so hard he does area of effect damage.
Lazy Cat
Lazy Cat پیش ماه
Nice video. Subscribed for the tangent topics.
Oakhurst Axe
Oakhurst Axe پیش ماه
Scorpion kick was used by Cynthia Rothrock in nearly every movie she was in during the 80's.
Epic SlyFox
Epic SlyFox پیش ماه
I'm gonna watch "Enter The Dragon" again such a great movie 🎥
Tony Tassone
Tony Tassone پیش ماه
Weaving broke his ribs during different takes of the subway fight scene.
Alejandro Aranda
Alejandro Aranda پیش ماه
I have one favorite leg kick you didn't mention, from the movie "unleashed" the bathroom scene. The kick to the face inside the stall.
Adam maher
Adam maher پیش ماه
Great job as always guys, very informative and entertaining, cheers 👍
Joshua Scott Buisness
Joshua Scott Buisness پیش ماه
Holy shit youre ugly 🤣
Colt West
Colt West پیش ماه
You keep mentioning Warrior King, but it was called The Protector in America. There's one fight scene in the movie which, at the time if not still, was the longest uncut fight scene in movie history where Tony Jaa fucks up like 50 guys in a row.
Tanner Hageman
Tanner Hageman پیش ماه
You guys are also coming to the wedding
I broke my ankle a last year. Still hard to walk properly.
Xaracen پیش ماه
Woo-ping Father of the term wooping ass!
Daminite پیش ماه
The character on his shirt looks familiar but I can't remember where or even if I've seen it before.
Anneke Oosterink
Anneke Oosterink پیش ماه
My favourite fightscenes currently are on Hannibal. Laurence Fishburne and Mads Mikkelsen. In the first fight Hannibal kicks the shit out of Jack Crawford and the second one is the other way around. The fights are really character driven and they are so good in context. The first fight happens after half a season of trying to catch Hannibal and the fight is sort of the culmination of all the work and the anger of missing people and killed colleagues etc. The emotions and the action makes the scene. Both the actors did the fight themselves afaik, so they can both put the acting and the fighting in the scene at the same time and the camera doesn't have to avoid showing faces during tense moments or anything.
Michael Deadman
Michael Deadman پیش ماه
Comments for the algorithm
S D پیش ماه
Its not (painfully obviously even then) actually Bruce Lee until the end of the movie but I love the fights in Game of Death. The flip kick in the locker room being the standout. Having said that the last kick in the locker room, thumbs down kick, knock off bike kick and essentially every kick with Karreem Abdul Jabbar are also great. There is one with KAJ that actually is Bruce Lee. KAJ is sitting in a rocking chair and Bruce moves in. The next shot he has a footprint bigger than his head on his chest. Well worth a watch.
Nathan Cotrill
Nathan Cotrill پیش ماه
I just watched all 3 for the first time the past 3 days
luna Harris
luna Harris پیش ماه
A haiku for the video A broken leg, pain in the ass Trinity in tight leather suit. Six month's worth of pain Broken ankle and not just a strain So carrie-anne wont get recast.
TOPsycho پیش 26 روز
Not to be that guy, but neither of these is a haiku
Gabriel Laco
Gabriel Laco پیش ماه
I'm so happy to see adds before I watch your videos, its good to know you get money
gerald Johnson
gerald Johnson پیش ماه
Barney Stinson was right
Keylan Lewis
Keylan Lewis پیش ماه
Nice I'm within in the first 200 comments. Hey Karl! I enjoy listening to your videos I find them entertaining. I look forward to them.
Martial Arts Film Freak
Great kicks in martial arts movies: Yuen Biao’s final kick in Righting Wrongs. Tony Jaa’s slow-mo spinning back jump kick in The Protector. Scott Adkin’s Guyver Kick in the Undisputed films or any movie he uses it. Almost anything Wu Jing does in Fatal Contact. Jackie Chan’s kick in Miracles that is so good the gang pretty much makes him Godfather because the kick was so cool.
Martial Arts Film Freak
If anyone wants a good Kung Fu movie, check out Man of Tai Chi. It was directed by Keanu Reeves himself, who also plays the villain, and stars Tiger Chen as the lead. Chen was also one of the men who trained Keanu for The Matrix and can also be seen in the Chateau fight scene of the second movie... and John Wick stabs his eye in Chapter 3. But seriously watch Man of Tai Chi, it’s fantastic!
Al Janssen
Al Janssen پیش ماه
Carrie-Anne Moss, Jackie Chan, and Tom Cruise need to be in a movie together, where they do all of their craziest stunts!
Anna Ronnquist
Anna Ronnquist پیش ماه
If you’ve ever been kicked by a side kick and don’t expect it, you do go flying, sometimes you go flying when you do expect it but that’s the joys of martial arts
Eienne پیش ماه
that is verry 80 handing keys to a drunk
davyjones2001 پیش ماه
Hell yeah, Karl loves Cobra Kai
FutureCloud پیش ماه
Carrie-Anne's agent: You'll be great. Break a leg. Carrie-Anne Moss: Hurr hurr. Okay!
ElectroNeutrino پیش ماه
Is it just me, or does the guy on Karl's shirt look remarkably like him?
Jacob Navarro
Jacob Navarro پیش ماه
It seems weird that they would opt for no stunt doubles for the main cast. I would understand if the scenes had lots of closeups or shots of the actors faces... but these are darkly lit scenes with the heroes wearing sunglasses. Weighing the cost of a stunt performer against, A: "months" of choreography lessons, B: extra takes, C: medical bills for rehabbing a broken leg, D: any shooting delays due to injuries and E: all the insurance tied to all the previous issues... it seems like a weird choice.
D-Mon from the Tip
D-Mon from the Tip پیش ماه
I thought I heard Keanu hurt his back during his previous project.
yungmun پیش ماه
when is the blink 182 geneva convention video?
Aaron Proctor
Aaron Proctor پیش ماه
For an amazing kick check out the fight scene in Kung Fu Hustle when the Axe Gang invades the little village. It's my favorite fight movie.
Luke V
Luke V پیش ماه
My favorite Kick has to be the corkscrew kick that the white Ranger uses from the Power Rangers Movie
Russell Lopes
Russell Lopes پیش ماه
i think Johnny was ok with Danny after the tournament until kreese kicks out and chokes him out at the beginning of karate kid 2, thats when his life spiraled out of control
Joel Atkinson
Joel Atkinson پیش ماه
I think the idea of Cobra Kai is that Johnny blames Daniel for his mistakes. Like when Daniel came along was when Johnnys life turned to shit but we then see in season 3 that it was going downhill before Daniel showed up.
Gabriel Castañeda
Gabriel Castañeda پیش ماه
I broke my leg above the ankle 30 days before my wedding. Without the aid of addictive pain killers I danced and walked unassisted at my wedding. It's not easy and was hella painful but had to get r done.
Deadly Nadder
Deadly Nadder پیش ماه
The scorpion kick is sometimes actually used and is a real move somehow
Deadly Nadder
Deadly Nadder پیش ماه
@smward87 oh yea I used to be able to do it but it does get a lot harder after not training for a while and it wasn’t a criticism she did it better than most people
smward87 پیش ماه
The thing is, as the video pointed out, Carrie-Anne was not a martial artist. At all. So breaking your leg doing an unorthodox kick like that isn't exactly that far fetched because her body was simply not conditioned to move or bend that way. So a fully trained professional martial artist could probably easily do the move as long as they are flexible and limber enough.
Capital E
Capital E پیش ماه
n/a n/a
n/a n/a پیش ماه
Not exactly a "martial arts" movie. But the, "this... is... SPARTA!!!" kick from 300 was pretty dang awesome.
0ther Un1t
0ther Un1t پیش ماه
Scorpion kick has always been my favorite kick!
Donald پیش ماه
Side kicks like that can throw people through the air, especially if suck a big size difference exist.
D E پیش ماه
Best kick..... Just anything from Jackie chans clog fight. From who am I
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson پیش ماه
Tony Jaa sprinting 30 yards then hitting a guy with a flying knee who then sails another 10 yards in The Protector 2.
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith پیش ماه
For Best Kick in a Martial Arts film it has to be Donnie Yen doing the Shadowless Kick (Shadow Kick in some translations) from Iron Monkey. It is slightly edited and sped up but it's a vicious move and iconic to the Once Upon A Time in China franchise.
Neferin پیش ماه
I bet cartwheel shooting is actually super easy
Ray Harriott
Ray Harriott پیش ماه
Did your video about the master pianist that yould posted the other day get copyrighted? I only ask because that’s the only thing that I can think of that would have gotten it taken it down but FUCK was that funny😂
K Boyle
K Boyle پیش ماه
Ong Bak when Tony Jaa Kicks the guy standing on table in the face! Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon Swipe Kick that lasts 3 frames!
James Hedin
James Hedin پیش ماه
Did something happen to Brad?
The Saint Kille
The Saint Kille پیش ماه
9:30 karl clearly has never went drinking in america
shonkle bonkle
shonkle bonkle پیش ماه
"Here i go breaking my leg again"
Mark Martin
Mark Martin پیش ماه
The Chuck Norris roundhouse kick is the best
A McConnell
A McConnell پیش ماه
The umpire in the Karate Kid movie never says "no kicks to the face." It's an old wive's tale. :D
A McConnell
A McConnell پیش ماه
The Scorpion Kick was a signature move of Cynthia Rothrock, '80s B-movie martial arts legend. :D
Andre Van der Vlies
Andre Van der Vlies پیش ماه
came here to say this. she made it look effortlessly. total badass.
Death OfTime
Death OfTime پیش ماه
reminds me of the final goal from shaolin soccer. i think that was the one
Car Bumb
Car Bumb پیش ماه
Best kick is from "Side Kicks" with Chuck Norris. Final kick of the movie where Chuck kicks the guy so hard he spins in the air for two to four rotations.
Cadu Fraga
Cadu Fraga پیش ماه
My most favorite kick ever is actually a kick sequence, all the heisei Kamen Rider kicking the shit out of Another Kuuga in Heisei Generations: Forever
James Pocelinko
James Pocelinko پیش ماه
Fun fact: When he was a red belt, my karate teacher shattered his arm blocking a roundhouse kick during a tournament because it was either a) block the kick or b) step out of the way and out of the ring, take a penalty, and give the opponent a point when they were tied. A year later, he found himself facing the same opponent and the exact same thing happened only to his other arm. You can still see the scars just below his elbow and sometimes he shows them off to our classes whenever he tells the story for one reason or another.
mikeus69 پیش ماه
Thats insane, they didn’t even use a take of the scorpion kick where you can see her face. It could have been anyone
Eheroa پیش ماه
If their gonna talk about awesome kicks then check out iron monkey Donny yen fights a female monk, eagle claw I think, man kicks he like 20 times in 3sec and it is glorious
Gnarly Whiskey
Gnarly Whiskey پیش ماه
Karl being 100% right about Keanu Reaves qoutes I own the documentary
Robert Lincourt
Robert Lincourt پیش ماه
I want to see an MK edit of Enter the Dragon where it shows the slow-motion x-ray shot of the extra’s arm being broken by Bruce Lee kicking the other guy because I think that would be fantastic
caalmodeoc پیش ماه
I remember holding the practice dummy for my karate sensei to kick. It was a big loud "whoomph!!" as the kick just sent me off into the air and back a couple meters onto my butt. Fun stuff, lol.
Robo Rat
Robo Rat پیش ماه
Jfc, I broke my ankle 8 years ago, both bones where broken, how could she even stand on that ???
Frank Reberto
Frank Reberto پیش ماه
Cobra Kai is AMAZING
small medium at large
small medium at large پیش ماه
9:12 That stuff happens all the time in america
iain hewitt
iain hewitt پیش ماه
The crane kick was not illegal in the tournament. There were several previous kicks to the face in earlier rounds (including one by Johnny Lawrence) and the line, 'no kicks to the face' is not in the film
André Ethier
André Ethier پیش 21 روز
I don't think they even mention no hits to the face (though by actual 80s point karate rules, a punch to the face is illegal, though kicks are fine.)
CalebTheMC پیش ماه
What armor did Bruce Lee have that gave him are of effect damage
Tomas Cvilikas
Tomas Cvilikas پیش ماه
Just realized that karls green screen is off center
qrrbrbirbel2 پیش ماه
Actually, keanu was wearing a neck brace in training due to having 2 vertebrae in his neck fused due to a motorcycle injury before shooting the movie, if i recall.
Blade Runner
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