Ernest Hemingway Hunted Tuna With A Machine Gun (I Cut Part Of My Thumb Off) 

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Ernest Hemingway is known to most for his work as an author. Little known is his habit of fishing with a machine gun.
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Futurama (1999 - 2013)
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Dog Soldiers (2002)
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"Two Finger Johnny" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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I'm just Looking For my Watch
Hemingway sure liked shooting things in the head.
Josh Coulson
Josh Coulson پیش 3 روز
i don't mean to one up someone, i do it to relate to the person, you cut your thumb? i know how that feels cause ive cut my self bad before too, i am always afraid people will look at it as one upping but its just how i relate to people
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka پیش 4 روز
"I'm 6'5", man it's tough being tall." Yeah well I'm 5'6" and I would trade you in a f**king heartbeat! Atleast you can reach the top shelf for your goddamn cupboard! You can F*** right off! Lmao Also yeah sharks are alright... Until your boat has capsized and you just remember you cut the tip of your thumb off!
Professor Wikipedia
Professor Wikipedia پیش 6 روز
I imagine Hemingway just jumping in the water with a gun and killing the shark point blank
Firzan Wolfred
Firzan Wolfred پیش 10 روز
why?..... just.. *WHY?*
Firzan Wolfred
Firzan Wolfred پیش 10 روز
RIP Keith Flint
Johnny America
Johnny America پیش 13 روز
As somebody who has worked in the food industry and has cut the tip of their thumb off on multiple occasions: it fucking sucks it basically ruins the rest of that work day and it makes the next few miserable.
Poldovico پیش 14 روز
I'm four and a half metres tall and can bench a schoolbus, it's very hard being so tall and strong and handsome. I just can't deal with how wherever I go everyone just swoons over my unrestrained inherent awesomeness.
Spartan2818 پیش 15 روز
I know it's not quite the same, still funny as hell, my friend fist fights bees and wasps lmao hes never won
Lewis C
Lewis C پیش 15 روز
You cut your thumb? Hah. Try living with dislocated eyelashes.
Trizick Chadwick
Trizick Chadwick پیش 16 روز
Ha you cut your self I haven't hurt myself in the last month with a minor/major injury
e - vilmonkey
e - vilmonkey پیش 17 روز
Yeah... flipping that mug around in the beginning didn’t give me crazy anxiety 😳😳
Carlos Esteban
Carlos Esteban پیش 18 روز
R/neverbrokeabone insulting people for getting injured is the opposite of people bragging about their injuries
JustCozItsMe پیش 18 روز
Only had time for one vid during break, and this one was the right one. lol
Matthew Westhoven
Matthew Westhoven پیش 19 روز
I can relate to cutting the tip of a finger, that happened to me in high school only difference was that it was with a tuba
Conalog پیش 20 روز
Sharknado goes BRRRRRRRR Ernest Hemingway: I got this. *draws pistol*
Manic پیش 20 روز
6'3"? I'm 8'15" and my wang is twelve foot long, look at this loser
RegamusMaximus پیش 21 روز
I agree, don't shoot sharks, especially just so you can go onto killing more fish lol
Ethan Stotz
Ethan Stotz پیش 21 روز
I once cut my index finger open with a axe
The Darwinist
The Darwinist پیش 21 روز
Why isn't there a movie about Hemingway? Or Hannibal? Napoleon? Socrates? Some great people in history.
uglygamer2017 پیش 22 روز
I can complain more then you can!! X,DDD Lol
Skoper پیش 23 روز
Ernest Hemingway is not just a man, he is a man Man
Addrick Stich
Addrick Stich پیش 23 روز
Lol you made me want to listen to Prodigy ;D
TheMADGOD91 پیش 24 روز
Sorry best scene in dog soldiers is when they are boarding up the door and the guy is slowly hammering in a nail and the werewolf sticks it's hand through the letter box and the guy rapidly starts hammering the hand before slowly going back to hammering the nail again 😂
kittenclaws پیش 24 روز
My absolute favorite thing to do when some Guy™ tries to one-up someone else talking about their lift is noting, in the most cheerful, helping, customer-service voice I have, "Oh! That's neat! My mom leg presses 380lbs! Which is pretty good for being 62!" The guy usually stop talking about his lifting after that xD
kittenclaws پیش 24 روز
Also the fact she does this yes, is mildly terrifying to me.
Iratefiend پیش 24 روز
I'm 12 Ft Tall, It's really hard being tall, LUL
Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet پیش 24 روز
I'm just glad kal didn't hurt himself bad
Ryan Caviness
Ryan Caviness پیش 24 روز
I worked at a grocery store for a long time saw people cut off finger tips on meat slicer in deli. Cutting your finger is a big deal.
Yeetus McGee
Yeetus McGee پیش 24 روز
I like the look of Catfish
Zack Croy
Zack Croy پیش 25 روز
Well that story reminded me of a short clip of U.S. sailors having a swim in the ocean, and a shark show up out of nowhere. Then rapid rifle shots just ring out as they get the fuck of the water. No one was injured, and the shark got away so all's well that ends well.
pomodraw پیش 25 روز
Damn... RIP Keith Flint almost 2 years already. gonna blast some Prodigy for the rest of the day now
Davion Krueger
Davion Krueger پیش 25 روز
I'm 6ft 4 inches and I'm telling you all because idk... I feel like being "that guy" lol.
B. پیش 25 روز
Keith Flint: the first sucessfull clone of Vyvian Bastard. Wait, this just now clicks. Is he related to Alan B'stard? Could there be a Mayalliverse? If so, why aren't we living there?
TrueeHydra پیش 25 روز
The image i get when he said Hemingway kills sharks by putting guns to there heads is childish Gambino shooting a guy in chair in the This is America music video
Nirmal Kirtisinghe
Nirmal Kirtisinghe پیش 25 روز
I am 17 foot 19, and you can't understand my pain.
Martin Rabe
Martin Rabe پیش 25 روز
Well the Chaplin story is pretty sure fake
Christopher Martin
Christopher Martin پیش 25 روز
Ive Missed Geoff in videos
Brett Yon
Brett Yon پیش 25 روز
Dude, deep blue sea was awesome!
Blank Comodo
Blank Comodo پیش 25 روز
The "I've had it worse than you" does kinda work the other way around too. Whenever I share something about the things I've been through a common reaction is people invalidating their own issues because I've had it worse. I absolutely hate it when people do that, my problems have nothing to do with your problems, and the severity of your situation is entirely dependant on you and your experiences. I just don't talk about my issues unless somebody asks and when I do it's because I want to share it with that person not to get pity or an "I've had it worse" kinda reason.
Ghostly Grimace
Ghostly Grimace پیش 26 روز
Yeah this video is cool but man, being 6 foot 5 and having to lift a 300 pound weight with an even deeper cut on my thumb than yours really sucks. Made me real tired, more tired than you've ever known. /s
powerthrucontrol پیش 26 روز
Earnest Hemingway is my first cousin three times removed.
makanaokalani chong
makanaokalani chong پیش 26 روز
I worked at Hanauma bay on oahu as a snorkle guide. If sharks came in the bay lifeguards would close the beach and we couldn't work. We would swim out and chase the sharks out of the bay so we could get paid for the day. All 5 or six foot reef sharks also we would swim with the whales when they came by.
Kayy Purrs
Kayy Purrs پیش 26 روز
This one of the many reasons i love hemming way :) and also his cats...comon he left everything to his 6 toed cats in the keys they live n breed like kings and queens
Alpharius پیش 26 روز
I was shredding carrots and I shred a bit of my pinky finger. Sucks.
James Mason
James Mason پیش 26 روز
"Sharks are nice, don't shoot'em"........I would never shoot a shark......grenades work better......heh heh
Hall of Guns
Hall of Guns پیش 26 روز
I'm sorry you hurt yourself. I hope it heals soon. Now for a long speech about how I hurt myself more. Yeah I know people like that.
Kapitan Zemsta
Kapitan Zemsta پیش 26 روز
Respect for mentioning dog soldiers dude 👍. One of the funniest "horror" movies I've ever seen. I laughed my ass off on this one. Thought it was forgotten.
Paul JDT
Paul JDT پیش 26 روز
Please make a Video on the VERY Eventful Life of Ernest Hemingway Wiki Weekends Maybe?
AFatPossum 25
AFatPossum 25 پیش 26 روز
Am I too soft for feeling sad about the idea of someone executing a shark?
Lunacy Phoenix
Lunacy Phoenix پیش 26 روز
7:57 I ALWAYS play claw. I used to think for years that it was just how you were supposed to use a controller, until my friends noticed and said I hold my controller weirdly. Only Found out what claw was from Call of Duty Pro play OpTic Scumpi's video, explaining what Claw grip was. It blew me away to find out how uncommon claw players are because ever since I've held my first dual stick controller (Dualshock 1on PS1) I have always played claw as it was the comfortable and logical (to me) way to make use of the controller. And while I'm not an FPS God I have been accused of cheating or using a modded controller like a Scuf Gaming Controller (BTW Scuf's ARENT cheating. They are tournament legal AND only allow for easier access to face button functions that claw players on regular controllers can already do, to give players who Can't play claw for Comfort/medical reasons an even playing field)
Brook Phillips
Brook Phillips پیش 26 روز
Im sorry but Carl is so fit
Shane Rutch
Shane Rutch پیش 26 روز
Do you even lift bro?!
Shane Rutch
Shane Rutch پیش 26 روز
Its called deep sea fishing, not big game fishing. Lol
DøWxLuci's Backup
DøWxLuci's Backup پیش 26 روز
Fun fact for people who aren't in the US anyone over the equivalent of 6'2 about 188cm It will fucking suck because their doorways that are exactly 6'2 high Meaning anyone taller than that Karl myself everyone are going to nick the very top of their head on that or if you're much taller you just gonna walk in and slam your forehead into it Because there are also doorways that are over 2 meters tall Because fucking hell why is this a thing
Mike Nijland
Mike Nijland پیش 26 روز
Yeah I to ate 6 and a half feet. Didn't taste so good but I won right?
Tobias Mills
Tobias Mills پیش 26 روز
My favourite part from dog soldiers is where the one guy is about to get eaten and he says "I hope I give you the shits"
Nathan Kong
Nathan Kong پیش 26 روز
I feel the best example of people not recognizing someone famous is Tony Hawk. People say he looks like Tony Hawk but don't actually believe it's Tony Hawk. I also think because it's so frequent (see his own twitter) that you could do a video on just that fact.
Isaac Boone
Isaac Boone پیش 26 روز
"Insert whatever thing they did that really hurt that they think is a personality trait." I chuckled.
Tom Barnes
Tom Barnes پیش 26 روز
As someone who is 6'8", we do that all the time. However, as warning for the growing youth: after 6'4", the world stops being able to fit you in it.
Badwolf 05
Badwolf 05 پیش 26 روز
American fishing = shooting fish with a machine gun
Roger Aligood
Roger Aligood پیش 26 روز
Last I checked sharks run away from the smell of shark blood.
Mrs. Wontkins
Mrs. Wontkins پیش 26 روز
Sorry about your finger I gave done that cutting limes so yeah big mood. I appreciate your work ethic!
A پیش 26 روز
I thought I was the only one that rolled the claw with monster Hunter
tricolorspice پیش 26 روز
Does anybody else drink along with these videos?
Dudeosaurus پیش 26 روز
I sliced the corner of my finger off a while back, being an idiot with a knife. No pain, weirdly, but when I was game enough to take a peek at just how much flesh I'd taken off, I immediately felt like vomiting.
Phaeonin پیش 26 روز
Itll grow back I did the same thing just the opposite thumb I chopped mine of right above the nail
Barry Puccini
Barry Puccini پیش 26 روز
'I think the height of rudeness is six foot, four.' - Bob Franklin
whateves پیش 26 روز
Oh you don't shoot sharks? I don't shoot sharks TWICE
Captain _dsz
Captain _dsz پیش 26 روز
sorry to hear about your thumb Karl and damn your 6'3 thats tall, i never realized i guess because i see you from a screen, hope you brad Nisha, Lucas and any other channel friends/family are doing well cheers from canada *cracks a beer for ya*
Troy Sisson
Troy Sisson پیش 26 روز
I thank Karl for the useless and useful information.
Dr. Axiom
Dr. Axiom پیش 26 روز
First of all if a shark breaks into my God damn house, spy's me hiding in the oven and turns the knob to 400 degrees then I am going to shoot a mother fucker and ain't no IRitemrs soppy PSA on not shooting the seas most bullshit predator is gonna convince me to not go Ernest Hemingway on them. P.S. sorry to hear about your thumb.
Luke Duncanson
Luke Duncanson پیش 26 روز
I’ll have you know I stubbed my toe last night, and I only cried for twenty minutes. But yeah, don’t shoot sharks with a machine gun, you’re only breeding out the ones that can’t use bullet time.
Daniel Ocegueda
Daniel Ocegueda پیش 26 روز
Internet factlings, might one of you tell me what's on Karl's shirt?
Fongir پیش 26 روز
The best story of that face part I have heard is of the Swedish King arriving at a military base in a very nice car. They get stopped and a guard walks up to the car and knocks on it to ask for an ID. The King's face greets him and he flips him a Swedish Krona (kr) that has his face on it and just continues on inside. The Guard felt quite silly from having to do that. When the car returns later on to exit it stops and the window lowers down, the King waves the Guard over to then tell him that he did a great job to make sure no one shouldn't get in... Then he asks for his the Krona (kr) back~ Love that he has that type of humour in him.
HuntercJ *
HuntercJ * پیش 26 روز
The image of a white bearded man on a fishing boat burst firing a thompson into the ocean is hilarious! Was this man american?
DarthFenrir 777
DarthFenrir 777 پیش 26 روز
Yes, he was American.
FullMetalWhiteboy پیش 27 روز
Ernest Pioneered School (oh fish) shooters.
Reese Fullwood
Reese Fullwood پیش 27 روز
"sharks are alright, don't shoot them" gonna put that on my gravestone
Doctor W. Richthofen
Doctor W. Richthofen پیش 27 روز
So like spearfishing but with a gun
18020021t پیش 27 روز
What is your favorite thing to open a beer with
CG پیش 27 روز
I work in construction and have had the skin ripped off half my finger before, so that is my finger injury story. Sorry, had to since you brought up the comparing thing.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez پیش 27 روز
Hope your thumb feels better
Ralph Smith
Ralph Smith پیش 27 روز
I'm 100% gonna use the term Dick Measurer from now on. That's a wonderful way to describe people like that
Supersharkgem پیش 27 روز
I like how he went from how Hemmingway got shot in both legs to his thumb for the rest of the vid
Mickey پیش 27 روز
Cmon man, they injured themselves badly, maybe had lasting effects and all they could ever get for it is bragging rights, don't take that from them😂
Zach Lindsey
Zach Lindsey پیش 27 روز
U once said if u hunt anything u have to kill it with ur bare hands him killing sharks with a gun that weren't attacking him that's hunting
LM Fan
LM Fan پیش 27 روز
6:53 .,o0O( ...and THAT'S a wrap!! )
Durandus پیش 27 روز
I got ran over by a truck and the truck had more damage to it afterwards.
ben spencer
ben spencer پیش 27 روز
Using a gun is not to uncommon seen guys shoot a 400lbs halibut with a 9mm before they dragged it into the boat since the thing when it flopped its tail could almost kill yeah, and here were i come from we have aligator gars who weigh upto 700lbs and are armore plated..
antarfodoh پیش 27 روز
I hope your thumb gets better soon! I did something similar to my left thumb tip years ago too and non-gamers just didn't understand, and "the claw" was tough to explain. 😂
NetLockGaming پیش 27 روز
"cheated on his wife, got divorced, married the other woman..." if you know, you know
Jobie Heiser
Jobie Heiser پیش 27 روز
Dr. Suess?? Lmao
D S پیش 27 روز
do you still have a gym membership anymore?
ImSoOld1997 پیش 27 روز
Not being a shit bag one upper, but I have a funny story about cutting my thumb and then playing video games. I once cut my thumb pretty bad where it was leaking a decent amount of blood for a cut on my thumb so I put a bandaid on it. After that my friends and I decided to play halo in a way where the person who got the lowest K/D ratio had to pass the controller and I lost so I passed the controller to a friend who immediately was like “BRO WHAT THE FUCk?! Who in the hell got chocolate all over the controller?” And I thought “chocolate I didn’t get chocolate ion the controller...I haven’t even eaten chocolate, let alone get it all over my hands to the point it smeared on the controller...” so first I say “dude I did not get chocolate on the fucking controller! I haven’t even eaten any chocolate in god knows how long!” He then shows me the controller and sure enough there’s what looks to be chocolate all over it which confuses the hell out of me at which point I look down and realize my bandaid had come off mid halo 3 MP match and the “chocolate” is actually blood and this shit is EVERYWHERE on the white Xbox 360 controller! It was the funniest biohazard health scare I’ve ever been involved in
Liam Duncan
Liam Duncan پیش 27 روز
Did that a couple times butchering it sucks man thumbs useless for a while
Johnny Rooks
Johnny Rooks پیش 27 روز
I'm 69 inches
Matt's Modelling
Matt's Modelling پیش 27 روز
Done that to my thumb. Bleeds like a bitch
Joel Zachary
Joel Zachary پیش 27 روز
Yeah man, I'm just around 6'4. I know the exact feeling that you have with the height thing you mentioned at the end. I sympathize greatly. Luckily I found a solution! If you do nothing but surround yourself with short people and short friends, you have no problems. They all just don't care. Just everyone who is taller will always have a bone to pick with someone shorter. It's tough being tall. Being tall is like... over 6 foot. That's just all "tall". Anyone who has to flex their extra inch doesn't have it somewhere else. And yeah, I realize the hypocrisy. I stated that as a qualification, not a one up. The difference between 6'3 and 6'4 is the difference between like Elizabeth Olsen and Mary Kate Olsen. Nothing. It is one person moving very quickly.
Reece Stiff
Reece Stiff پیش 27 روز
"For the first time I would wager in all your living memories I now am proud to present to you the life and times of Ernest Miller Hemingway in approximately 3 and a half minutes"
lotuswraith پیش 25 روز
All hail the Purple One.
Esteban Martinez
Esteban Martinez پیش 27 روز
cut your thumb? sorry that happened to you. hope you have a speedy recovery. stay hydrated good sir
CthulhuBurns HD
CthulhuBurns HD پیش 27 روز
Ernest Hemingway midway through a fishing story: So anyway I started blasting
Watergrovey پیش 27 روز
He was refining his technique on sharks before he tried it on himself.
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