Jason Voorhees' Theme Quotes Himself (Movie Themes That Either Work Or Fail) 

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It's an iconic trait that slasher horror villains have their own theme songs for when they appear on screen, but it seems Jason is spitting lyrics for his own theme tune!
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Featuring (via phone call) and edited by Nisha Revill
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Jason Voorhees,
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"Two Finger Johnny" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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aio976 پیش 9 روز
Well, the guy who made gifs incorrectly pronounces them "jifs", so here's more proof that even the creator of something can still be wrong.
MisterSouji پیش 10 روز
The use of the old spiderman theme throughout the various movies is quite interesting.
Legend Of Memes
Legend Of Memes پیش 12 روز
Michael Myers will always have one of the most simple yet chilling themes ever. That piano hits, and then you just feel creeped out. When you hear the synth it blends well, and honestly makes the song sound all the more terrifying
GOAT BY BOAT پیش 14 روز
Funny. I fint hear the ”ch” sound anymore
Jason Heavilin
Jason Heavilin پیش 19 روز
Unsolved murder theme is the scariest TV theme of all time and won 2 awards for it
Also in one of the friday the 13th where tommy is the killer (i think can barely remember plot) the chant is changed to ki ki ki ta ta ta so its kill tommy kill instead of kill mommy kill (also not sure if this was intentional or not just a theory ive heard as to why they changed it)
Agent Heracles
Agent Heracles پیش 29 روز
Go go Zayuranger. Super Sentai Zayuranger!
Agent Heracles
Agent Heracles پیش 29 روز
I heard it as “get (kikikiki)x3, out x3”
Zach Koontz
Zach Koontz پیش ماه
Even hearing you quote the kikiki mamama out of context sends chills down my spine! Grew up on the OG horror films
Lazy Cat
Lazy Cat پیش ماه
The music from Bloodborne increases the anxiety and fear you feel when you play the game. It becomes even worse when you get used to it because sometimes the music stops and you suddenly feel like something is wrong. The music starts playing slowly again and you get more and more uncomfortable. In the end you hear the music going from a pianissimo to a fortissimo and you feel this panic inducing melody that make you feel like you are fighting against time. I want that in a movie.
AsdaTrollys پیش ماه
One bit of music that was re used is the song “Jim Milton rides again” which uses certain parts of the red dead 1 main theme. It’s played up a lot and it plays only in the mission called American venom which is where John gets his final revenge on micha and in my personal opinion it’s the moment goes from playing second fiddle to Arthur and becomes the badass from red dead 1
Gary Brown
Gary Brown پیش ماه
I always assumed that it was "kih kih kih hah hah hah" and it was Jason breathing. Like he's trying to breathe but his health problems are making it hard for him.
Gary Hall
Gary Hall پیش ماه
Wouldn't actually say it's his theme song, per se. Also, in Jason Takes Manhattan, he does speak at the end when the toxic waste turns him back into a kid
Dr3ad_Ang3l پیش ماه
When he said big meaty, all I could remember was, "Big Meaty Clawss!"
that guy
that guy پیش ماه
Also you guys should look up thank God it's Friday by ice nine kills if you like metal you will probably enjoy it
that guy
that guy پیش ماه
My mom thought it said kill kill kill die die die so I guess she was half right
Omega Animations
Omega Animations پیش ماه
One Winged Angel is so iconic
DIO پیش ماه
A great piece of videogame music has to be the soul of cinders theme from dark souls 3
Lee Harris
Lee Harris پیش ماه
So happy I'm not the only one terrified of heights and the sea lmao
Phil Hibbs
Phil Hibbs پیش ماه
Is “laymotif” a pronunciation troll?
Phil Hibbs
Phil Hibbs پیش ماه
Is “laymotif” a pronunciation troll?
Arch Angel
Arch Angel پیش ماه
I also thought Jason’s theme was Chi Chi Chi Ah Ah Ah. I really liked the Clarification of his theme which is definitely a deep cut from the Jason Voorhees mythos. The reanimated undead and unstoppable killing machine version of Jason is personally my favorite. I like that version due to the fact that he always comes back no matter how he’s taken down or quote unquote killed. That’s way cooler than a hulking mad man who lives in the woods but to each his own.
Ryan Underhill
Ryan Underhill پیش ماه
It makes me feel so much better to know im not the only one afraid of the phone. Text me or get ignored. I always get so frustrated that I cant do anything else while on the phone.
Sean D
Sean D پیش ماه
Shit! Now I got to hear Jenovas theme
TelenTerror پیش ماه
My headcanon is that Jason is a draugr. Like if you check Scandinavian stories about them...Well, OG draugr are enormously strong, tireless, malevolent, intelligent, can turn into mist to travel and appear, and they're just inherently cursed and radiate Bad Juju. One being active in an area gives everyone for a couple of miles nightmares. They'll chase cattle to death for fun. The only power they have that Jason doesn't is the change their size or shapechange sometimes. But otherwise they're a sort of undead Chuck Norris and that's basically what Jason is.
Laura East
Laura East پیش ماه
Aw man I've seen that James Bond documentary too. You'll have me racking my brains now! 😁
Mr. Avocado Man
Mr. Avocado Man پیش ماه
Talking about reusing themes. But didn't mention the Dark Souls 3 Plin Plin Plon 2016 remix.
RJones پیش ماه
I’ve always thought it was chchchch but once you said it was ki ma that’s what I can hear.
Barry Holyoke
Barry Holyoke پیش ماه
character spoke in Jason Goes to Hell when he possessed Randy
Barry Holyoke
Barry Holyoke پیش ماه
he spoke "Mommy" in Part 8
Darrell Gardner
Darrell Gardner پیش ماه
I generally think of the theme sounding more like "ch-ch-ch-ha-ha". If i'm really trying it kind of sounds like "Ki-ki-ki-ha-ha", I really can't hear the "ma". At this point is it even the original "Ki-ma" or just sounds from being recreated so many times?
cas curse
cas curse پیش ماه
"Arpeggio" is the word for that thing in the music you're talking about :)
Doctor Regulus
Doctor Regulus پیش ماه
Im still waiting for a Transformers soundtrack that can even hold a candle to that of the '86 movie, and Bumblebee playing 2 seconds of Dare doesn't count
Luis zavala
Luis zavala پیش ماه
I hear It as ch this blew my mind
Darth Griff
Darth Griff پیش ماه
the theme to Unsolved Mysteries
G Monkee
G Monkee پیش ماه
The Smurf theme song...imagine hearing "la, la, lala,lala" and then seeing a bunch of small blue creatures coming towards you
Sir Dogmen
Sir Dogmen پیش ماه
I assume he is referring to the original Friday the 13th the game, because the newer ones corrects what people believe it to be.
Matt Jay Sand
Matt Jay Sand پیش ماه
08:18 go Squidward! Nice one Nisha
Mathew Smuts
Mathew Smuts پیش ماه
Jason has been known to mess with people. He would scare people sometimes
Snazzy-Hood پیش ماه
Who's that on Kyle's shirt.
Taljaardt Mostert
Taljaardt Mostert پیش ماه
Had to put my dog down today, came straight here
bigdoubleu117 پیش ماه
I've always heard Chchch Khkhkh
Coyote briggs
Coyote briggs پیش ماه
Jason just misses his mother.
Coyote briggs
Coyote briggs پیش ماه
Jason just misses his mother.
One of my favorite themes is Damned from COD Zombies for many reasons but i like what they did with it in COD Cold War. In the game the zombie theme is called Echoes of the Damned and it doesn't sound like the original until about the middle of the song but what happens is the theme slowly stops and right as it goes quiet the original Damned theme starts building up. The first time i heard it i got goosebumps tbh.
MKPSG12 پیش ماه
He speaks in Part VIII, just before he's 'killed' by the toxic waste
Calais 1980
Calais 1980 پیش ماه
i thought the theme was more like "ki ki ki, ha ha ha" so it sounds more like its saying "kill her"
lucky charms666
lucky charms666 پیش ماه
interesting thing (more an urban legend I guess) about the person behind you in the mirror trope, apparently its because in old houses they would have crawl spaces in your walls so that plumbers and electricians could get into the pipes and stuff, a robber decided to take advantage of this to break into someone's house and a lady opened her medicine cabinet thing and there was a man there who, shocked that he'd just been caught, climbed through and killed her
KyleRDent پیش ماه
It took thirty years for fans to realise that Goodall hid lyrics in the opening Red Dwarf theme, so don't feel bad about "ch ch ch" guys.
doipass پیش ماه
I actually heard it as “sh sh sh ah ah ah”
swashplate پیش ماه
Did someone says.... Leitmotif?
Jake Schultz
Jake Schultz پیش ماه
Should have put a spoiler warning when you talked about ff7 remake, asshole
Ari Van Broekhoven
Ari Van Broekhoven پیش ماه
fact fiends 696th vid..........nice
Almighty Clap
Almighty Clap پیش ماه
Nothing Scarier than being in the water and not seeing the ground.
Jordan Washington
Jordan Washington پیش ماه
A good theme would be “you say run” both versions are really good imo
Saitama Geo
Saitama Geo پیش ماه
Dude, get your facts straight, Jason died as a boy, he drowned. Sorry you are wrong and Jason is a necromancer, he was brought back by the book of the dead. Sorry you are WRONG!!!
Big Brother
Big Brother پیش ماه
Hey, getting a SCUBA license isn't that hard! I've had mine since I was like 12.
T. Estable
T. Estable پیش ماه
He was talking about the Scuba Instructor License. The license you need to teach Scuba to others.
Der Reiter
Der Reiter پیش ماه
I have to disagree with the use of the Godzilla Theme in "Godzilla; King of the Monsters". In my opinion it didn't lose any inpact in the final battle, because they played only the bginning in the Antartica Battle and after Godzille gets all powered up they play the whole thing with added parts. Kinda like the Jenova thing he mentioned.
Al Janssen
Al Janssen پیش ماه
As a kid, I wasn't afraid of the stuff that happened on the X-Files, but the theme song always creeped me out. Ha!
angryvikings پیش ماه
I always thought it was "Caan't caan't Ha ha hide hide"
Oh my god it is Spider
Castlevania season 2. The dracula fight. WORKS.
Aztecgod Huzluiospd
Aztecgod Huzluiospd پیش ماه
I’m gonna cheat here & say that my favourite use of the Le-motif would be the entire undertale soundtrack😏
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez پیش ماه
That last conversation reminds me of Arkham Knight. Towards the end, as everything is about to reach its climax, one of the last predator sections plays the Arkham Asylum title theme.
Iris Phillips
Iris Phillips پیش ماه
how did they key out the green screen... without it getting Karl's tattoo???? ??? 👀👀
JWSulzer90 پیش ماه
The Friday the 13th game actually has a loading screen tip that states it's not "ch ch ch ha ha ha" but "ki ki ki ma ma ma" so you got that fact wrong but the rest it right
Cameron Rosen
Cameron Rosen پیش ماه
In an episode of Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne is young again after taking a dip in the Lazarus Pit. And in the moment where he fights alongside Terry McGinnis, the original Batman leitmotif plays as Bruce launches into action. Every time I watch that scene I get chills. Even thinking about it gets me hyped.
Aspiring Creator
Aspiring Creator پیش ماه
Man I remember how widespread the whole "It's Ch, ch, ch, ah, ah, ah." thing was. Alice Cooper's "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)" used it, a lot of Friday the 13th comics that had the noise written out used it. Hell to this day one of the most entertaining things to see is fans still continuously debating the noise.
Robert Ferguson
Robert Ferguson پیش ماه
The spookiest them is The Addams Family
NCC-59318 پیش ماه
The scene from The Exorcist where Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield starts playing has always stuck with me. Freaks me out every time I hear it.
Malina پیش ماه
yOu tAkE tOo LoNg tO gEt tO tHe pOinT oF tHe viDeO BwAaAaAa
darkling6 پیش ماه
I watch these videos for the tangents he goes on, not the topic at hand, which are equally as interesting.
Casey Carlile
Casey Carlile پیش ماه
Can’t wait for that amazing James Bond moment in the new one! It will be amazing to see a black woman do that!! 👍 😂😂
Amethyst Imagination
Amethyst Imagination پیش ماه
I always thought the “mamama” sounded like breathing. Like he’s trying to stifle his breath so you don’t hear him
Mark Crazeer
Mark Crazeer پیش ماه
kh and mah? there is a syllable missing that does not translate to kill her mommy it translates to kill mommy witch might work as commanding his mother to kill in general but it can be misconstrued as an order to kill his mother you are missing a huh sound.
Aaron Conway
Aaron Conway پیش ماه
It's not exactly an original theme, but the track "Ezio's Family" from Assassin's Creed II has been so iconic that pretty much every subsequent game has a version of it, but in the style of the setting the game is in (i.e. Pirate, Greek, Norse)
Mark Crazeer
Mark Crazeer پیش ماه
no? Jason has always been undead hasn't he? he drowned in camp crystal lake as a kid. then somehow grew up into a mountain and started killing people after his mother the serial killer died. right?
smward87 پیش ماه
Correct. It makes no sense, but it is what it is.
Justin پیش ماه
I heard the X-files theme immediately. It's imbedded in my memory haha
Beanard پیش ماه
getting scuba certified was hard asf. you have to do a bunch of failure measures as well, very stressful.
Iffem پیش ماه
i've heard the FF7R JENOVA theme described as "musical foreplay"
José Ximeno
José Ximeno پیش ماه
Jason Voorhees is the guy that never made friends along the way.
Evil Taco
Evil Taco پیش ماه
Maybe the real friends were the murders he found along the way.
Steve Elders
Steve Elders پیش ماه
Think we can all agree Two Finger Johnny is the best theme of all time
Edmon Brunks
Edmon Brunks پیش ماه
ALRIGHT ALRIGHHT good sir I'm officially mind-blowed
Shaun Hendry
Shaun Hendry پیش ماه
My favourite moment of a different version of something paying homage to the original has to be Dragon Ball Z Abridged when Gohan goes SS2 and they use the English version of the song day of fate instead of the Japanese version from regular DBZ. It also gets extra points for giving me goose bumps that is extremely surprising from an abridged series I stared watching cause I found it funny.
GildedBear پیش ماه
Why do people making remakes and sequels always want to distance themselves from what came before? You're making it BECAUSE it was popular. BECAUSE people LIKED IT. Your audience for the new thing? Yeah, it has a CORE of the audience of the OLD thing.
Iffem پیش ماه
they change it to try to appeal to a wider audience, not realizing that if they piss off the old, existing audience, their Word of Mouth will be forever ABSOLUTELY FUCKED
Jandalph پیش ماه
The Link's Awakening remake for the Switch has great remixed tracks. You can feel that they loved the original and poured their heart into the new soundtrack. But the best moment is, when the ending theme seamlessly switches to the original version and back. Fucking goosebumps.
Worthy Wise
Worthy Wise پیش ماه
The andy griffith theme is definitely the most terrifying
rednekdashie پیش ماه
I'm always satisfied when I find other people with a fear of the ocean. For me it is the vastness. I ain't so worried about the underwater part save for the pressure when you are deep.
Magillian پیش ماه
I feel like the worst offender for fake-out jumpscares in a movie has to go to IT Chapter 2, mostly because they do it twice to the same character in back-to-back scenes. They do it so much it's comical.
Truth GodSlayer
Truth GodSlayer پیش ماه
I didn't know this thank you for this information especially the kill ma
robert naidoo
robert naidoo پیش ماه
LilleTotte پیش ماه
Jumpscares done right can be a relief. The Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters (remade as the snoozefest The Uninvited) uses one jumpscare that is well executed and timed. The jumpscare is not only a jumpscare for the audience, but to the character as well, and it gives you a bit of relief from the really tense and uneasy atmosphere built up to that point. The thing is that relief does not entirely remove that tension, it only lowers it momentarily just to take it to 11 and beyond before the ending that still doesn't give you full relief, but stays with you for a while after the end credits.
Leku Space
Leku Space پیش ماه
I know it's stupid, but minecrafts cave music fucking scares me
Tarantula Time
Tarantula Time پیش ماه
Says transformers but means power rangers LUL still a good episode and glad to see the human mistakes
Theodore Quakins
Theodore Quakins پیش ماه
the NFL also tried to clear out the backlash by reuploading the video of maroon 5`s performance. it kinda worked, now it only has 960k dislikes.
TYS Imposition
TYS Imposition پیش ماه
FaRaWaYnIsHa.exe has stopped responding.
Jojo the Swede
Jojo the Swede پیش ماه
I love the x-files theme
JACOBI52 پیش ماه
Besides a voice of a younger Jason I do believe that the adult looking Jason has never spoken. So that was something cool to think about.
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve پیش ماه
Yeah but it is what you hear...
ryan mellor
ryan mellor پیش ماه
That xfactor song is by Kronos quartet I think
Ernwaffles پیش ماه
I wanted to go scuba diving but you've convinced me otherwise by playing to my fears
Hatifrey پیش ماه
I'll just ask the question that everyone over 30 has been asking: "Why do filmmakers rebuild my childhood with absolute precision only to ruin it horribly?" Soul is the exception. Go watch it.
G80 GZT پیش ماه
Pixar's Soul: What if black people had feelings? bruh moment