That Time A Company Paid People To Guess When It Would Rain, In Britain (Lucas' Prizes) 

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For people who live in the UK, it's a well known fact that the weather is usually terrible. So it'd be pretty stupid to bet against it...
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Starring Karl Smallwood
Featuring (via phone call) Lucas Holland
Edited by Nisha Revill
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The UK,
Captain Blood, CC BY-SA 3.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/, via Wikimedia Commons
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Walkerslogo.png, www.amazon.co.uk/Walkers-Ready-Salted-Crisps-units/dp/B007BN4EJ2
Prawn Cocktail,
Salt and Vinegar,
King Kong,
Hoover Logo,
Watchdogs game,
Aiden Pearce,
Max Payne,
"Two Finger Johnny" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Raingram پیش 4 روز
I actually still have the folded-up £10 I won from that promotion!
Yer friendly neighborhood scottish bastard
scotland...more than half the time in the northern half of the UK it rains....
J C پیش 5 روز
Aiden's hat IS iconic AF, WD1 was the best!!!
TechnoLadz پیش 19 روز
“You think it’d be pretty stupid to bet on raining on Britain on any other day” You’d think it’d be pretty stupid to wear a shirt with green highlights, yet here we are
Ben Ooft
Ben Ooft پیش 26 روز
Hahaha my dad got one of those flights to America.
_ [Username] _
_ [Username] _ پیش 28 روز
My friend one time really wanted a pc one time and looked around on the internet and entered in every PC giveaway he could. He never one he ended up getting one for his birthday but I still find it funny how desperate he was.
Kimberley Morton
Kimberley Morton پیش 29 روز
I remember when Tescos cocked up their price tags and sold £2 chocolate oranges for 2p
Chris پیش ماه
This was my 5,000th liked video. Woohoo
Joe shmoe
Joe shmoe پیش ماه
My mum bought the cheapest hoover, went on holiday to the states and gave me the hoover. ;#}
Silly Hellhound
Silly Hellhound پیش ماه
I love how you purposely fuck with the greenscreen
Roly پیش ماه
God I worked in Morrisons when they did the white chocolate egg and we ended up having to keep them behind the tills and only give them if people ask because so many got wasted from everyone opening and throwing them on the floor
UShallKnow پیش ماه
every time you "joke" about having poor green screen skills I think you and your staff are incompetent and careless. It's not funny, it's not cute. You just look stupid. Which I guess is probably accurate.
gory doughnut
gory doughnut پیش ماه
thatweirdkid again
thatweirdkid again پیش ماه
Ppl in Wales "I think it'll rain tomorrow were in the middle of a five day rain front with another one rolling in after it"
penny for your thots
penny for your thots پیش ماه
The best flavor of chips (crisps) is sour cream and onion, because sour cream is the objective best condiment Also TIL Lay's owns Walkers, which is why I thought the logo looks so familiar
BlackDragonWhiteHawk پیش ماه
Seems like a verry good strategy of marketing if you have something inside ypur stuff that makes addicted... but without that it seems stupid...
Jason Koontz
Jason Koontz پیش ماه
I missed seeing the Rayman effect 😂
Harry Toe
Harry Toe پیش ماه
I guess walkers planned to chang the condition in the hope to be banned and there for stop lossing money
Not Null
Not Null پیش ماه
My guess is "tomorrow". That'll be £1000 please
Brett Yon
Brett Yon پیش ماه
I think the average days of rain in south Carolina could give the UK a run for it's money.
DR SensuBean
DR SensuBean پیش ماه
Should be when the sun shines cause i have herd of an english summer
notgonnapay پیش ماه
You ever play Max Payne 3 guys? It’s actually pretty damn good.
Gytrash 6
Gytrash 6 پیش ماه
In a raffle hosted by Multiple volunteer fire Departments in a Barbeque. My dad actually won the Flag that was flown over the State's Capitol Building.
Jangles Haytham
Jangles Haytham پیش ماه
I'm from the US and Walkers logo looks like Lay's, I wonder if its the same company. Please let me know if I'm correct or wrong.
Misa D
Misa D پیش ماه
I entered a competition like that. There was this shopping mall we dropped by with my family every time we went for a skiing holiday, and they always put me in the baby corner. So we were going from a skiing trip, and they had a drawing competition for a doll. Among 8-12 year olds. It was supposed to be for the best one, but I drew a picture and let them have it anyway. A year later, we were going once again going skiing, once again, parents put me in the corner, and as we're leaving, the lady just hands me this bag with a doll, saying I won the competition and that it's been sitting there for a year, waiting. I didn't even recall entering by that point. We still have the doll tho.
Bryan Crawford
Bryan Crawford پیش ماه
I won a ps4 in a guitar hero contest at a concert. Had to have the top score at the end of the day. I left halfway through the day with the top score and forgot about it. Received a random call a month later telling me I won... it was awesome.
Ker Mac
Ker Mac پیش ماه
That shirt made you look like a vr character
Sconne Rangkynsai
Sconne Rangkynsai پیش ماه
It rains almost everyday here as well.
Project 17
Project 17 پیش ماه
I hate global warming for one single reason(well I have more, but this one is the one affecting me directly). Litererally every damn place around me is getting more snow in the winter except for where I live. Here we get less snow every year...
Sai Bhorg
Sai Bhorg پیش ماه
It's crazy how rayman has his own youtube channel
blaegme پیش ماه
The punishment should fit the crime. When they tried to reduce how many times people can win they should of required the company to increase the chances per day instead of canceling it. Canceling it was basically a get out of debt free card.
wehtawnikrap پیش ماه
Watch Dogs is a pretty amazing racing game when you play that mode. Also in Australia you could either buy the "premium/higher tier/gold" version of the game as a pre-order or just straight up buy the hat. I still have the hat btw.
AlexSDU پیش ماه
Whenever I heard the brand hoover, I always thought that the brand is related to J. Edgar Hoover, the first FBI director, and the Hoover Dam. Also I dunno why every time I heard the outro music, I would hum to the Stupid Cupid song.
Efu204 پیش ماه
"3rd Day of November" Holy shit, 3 months ago? You guys came prepared
Mustberice Channel
Mustberice Channel پیش ماه
Nice shirt
Mārtiņš T
Mārtiņš T پیش ماه
Wait, i thought it happened way much longer time ago
Rylan Porter
Rylan Porter پیش ماه
Floating arms
ely jenkenz
ely jenkenz پیش ماه
Is Carl still doing drinking vids ? Am I just out of sync with the upload scheduled also I was today years old when I reallised Gary Linekeris not the spokesperson any more ?
Kane Adams
Kane Adams پیش ماه
companies need to think out their competition promotions a lot more because they just end up fucking up 😂 McDonald's: Let's make a competition in relation to Olympics while USSR is boycotting it. And they can have unlimited entries Walkers: Let's make a competition about whether it will rain in Britain Hoover: Free flight to America
Korvun پیش ماه
"Hoover, or vacuums for those in America" Hoover started in Ohio, mate... we know who they are.
penny for your thots
penny for your thots پیش ماه
Yeah there are plenty of Americans who call vacuums Hoover's, but I think we generally Associated more with the brand-name rather than it being a catch-all term. It's kind of like how some people call tissues Kleenex just because that's the brand they associated with.
Lestatsmodsdotcom پیش ماه
Creme egg have one on now to fine a gold egg.... Like right now.. Hahah
Jack Lovejoy
Jack Lovejoy پیش ماه
The Met Office isn't in London, it's in Exeter, I live near it
Lightning Lance
Lightning Lance پیش ماه
Hoovers must have bribed them to ban the competition lol
Brandon Parker
Brandon Parker پیش ماه
It’s snowin
TH3THATGUY پیش ماه
When I was a little younger, my parents actually had a life-size cardboard cutout of Edward from the twilight series and they put them right at the foot of my bed and I still have nightmares....
TheInkieSquid پیش ماه
I know the shirt is chroma keyed to bug certain people but the amazing precision to only lose half the shirt this time was perfect and you turned me into one of those people... well played
m god
m god پیش ماه
Chips Fight me
Gremlin Gaming
Gremlin Gaming پیش ماه
I’m American and I have a question: is walkers just what they call lays in the uk? Or is it a different company?
penny for your thots
penny for your thots پیش ماه
I think lays owns Walker's, but they are technically two different companies. They have the same logo though, which makes it confusing
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis پیش ماه
Those invisible sleeves and floating hands make you look just like a mii.
TheNemesis442 پیش ماه
the intentional green screen errors are getting ridiculous.......get your shit together.
DevilJinKazama پیش ماه
I once entered a competition on the Discovery Channel on a lark, figuring I wouldn't win. Couple days after the competition ended, I get an email, saying I'd won a spot at the Dutch release party for the first The Force Unleashed game. Not gonna lie, it was awesome, and pretty sure I got my hands on a copy of the game before anybody in the US did. Loved the game.
Shaun Wilson
Shaun Wilson پیش ماه
Objection. Max Payne 3 is amazing. Fight me.
ThePhantomdreamer پیش ماه
I won an art book for an NIS America game by Rick Roll
Robert Williams-Day
Robert Williams-Day پیش ماه
Is it possible the single complain that stop the promotion was sent by a walker employee.
stuart macleod
stuart macleod پیش ماه
Choose fort William. boom.
Theophilus Thistler
Theophilus Thistler پیش ماه
Although a corn chip Aldi's Eltora plain salted is the best followed by (for potato crisps) Smith's Cheese & Onion, followed by an unconventional 3rd place of Black & Gold Salt & Vinegar.
Timothy Stanley
Timothy Stanley پیش ماه
Have you done a video on the guy who got flights for life by buying pudding?
Tun13 پیش ماه
Max Payne 3 was good man and the airport level, when Health's Tears starts playing is one of my favorite gaming moments ever.
hamsterking5 پیش ماه
I want that shirt...
Adrian lambert
Adrian lambert پیش ماه
Two quid in crisps and your odds are greater than 1:1 plus you have loads of the best food there is as consolation.
Adrian lambert
Adrian lambert پیش ماه
I think I would eat a white creme egg over claiming a tenner. I am really curious as to how a white one would taste in comparison to the usual boring milk chocolate one.
Corey Christensen
Corey Christensen پیش ماه
I've heard Seattle and the UK have similar climates... and growing up in western WA.. I would take that bet. Everytime.
TheBobBrom پیش ماه
Ghost arms!
Chief_Andy_91 پیش ماه
Hey this was filmed on my birthday. This is my birthday video.
CocoMura پیش ماه
literally buying chips now :3
frog fox
frog fox پیش ماه
AYYY! LUCAS! Salt and Vinegar is the bomb.
mc do
mc do پیش ماه
Soo annoying. Fuck.
46inchwoody پیش ماه
Flanders and Swann: A Song of the Weather, just about sums up British weather.
failedrelic پیش ماه
My guy be looking a Mii. That shirt loves the green screen.
Joshua Clark
Joshua Clark پیش ماه
About that bit at the end I actually do have a cardboard standee of a game no one would ever give a shit about. It's the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie game. I use it as a hat stand and a necklace holder. Also, funny bit, I got it at the launch of Duke Nukem Forever.
Matt Neufeld
Matt Neufeld پیش ماه
yOuR ShIRt iS MesSiNG wIth tHe GreEn ScREen oOoOOoOoOoOh
TJ پیش 20 روز
They make that shirt, and they are aware
Amin EnJan
Amin EnJan پیش ماه
I love how he doesn't give a shit that half his arms are missing!
Larz Kruber
Larz Kruber پیش ماه
Walkers learned from their mistakes. Next game will be: "Guess a sunny day in Spain!"
NinjaPirate239 s
NinjaPirate239 s پیش ماه
I once won a pair of pants from Dr pepper.
M0NKEYsig پیش ماه
It rains maybe 30 days a year where I live. I'd take that bet
Zeeo Fullbright
Zeeo Fullbright پیش ماه
What is prawn cocktail flavor ima have to buy some walkers chips to try this
Slippery Dad
Slippery Dad پیش ماه
I loved the style of Max Payne 3.
Devin Walton
Devin Walton پیش ماه
Those are fucking Lays and you cant tell me otherwise.
Marc Ruth
Marc Ruth پیش ماه
Back in the 90's when Kid's WB was a thing, they regularly held those call in contests, and I won $50 in Toys R' Us gift certificates that I spent on a Mighty Morphin' Turbo morpher, a Stretch Armstrong Vac-Pac toy and the Mighty Max SNES game that came with a VHS episode of the cartoon.
Rogue Rabbit
Rogue Rabbit پیش ماه
When i heard you say "it is currently the beginning of November" that's when I I realized that you really are way ahead on recording. You've stated before that you were pretty far ahead but i didn't know it was by that much.
patrick vanhorn
patrick vanhorn پیش ماه
lol do people still really want to come to america hell ill trade some one places
Mordak1989 پیش ماه
Only thing I can think of that was similar in America was in the 90's and early 2000s. Was either Pepsi or Coke giving away free 20oz if the bottle cap says "You win a free pepsi". I recall getting one, turning that into the front counter and just getting another a soda with another winner. I'm guessing they were a little too generous and stopped doing it that way since it all has to be through online entries now.
ConnorHardlyTries پیش ماه
Thank god the ol green screen arms are back, was thinking they had gone forever
kenny7220 پیش ماه
Oi! What's wrong with salt and vinegar?!
Ythan Shaw
Ythan Shaw پیش ماه
In the map right at the very start shetland islands isn’t in it, islands in the very north of Scotland, but Orkney islands (kind of our enemy) is. I’m from shetland so this makes me sad 😢
Fluffhead پیش ماه
Until today I didn't know that what we call Lays chips in America was Walkers in the U.K. As I don't travel, the only other name I know the brand by is that in Mexico, Walkers/Lays is Sabritas. No matter the size of the fact, I love sitting down for lunch to learn something new here.
Gucci Rotten
Gucci Rotten پیش ماه
I mean, if you're use to the Max Payne statue, I have you over enough for you to be in my house without me being there
atimholt پیش ماه
So let me get this straight-no longer being able to run a competition is considered punishment for trying to get out of running said competition?
Epic Rhino Films
Epic Rhino Films پیش ماه
So my understanding is that In the UK, crisps are the exact same thing as what we in America call potato chips and in the UK chips are the same thing as what we in America call French fries.
Epic Rhino Films
Epic Rhino Films پیش ماه
@kirbyfanprime English muffins are not British?
kirbyfanprime پیش ماه
@Epic Rhino Films cookie....biscuit
Epic Rhino Films
Epic Rhino Films پیش ماه
@kirbyfanprime OK... Okay... Color...Colour... Whisky...Whiskey... Airplane... Aeroplane...
kirbyfanprime پیش ماه
You got it.
TKN پیش ماه
He’s become Ray man
Steve Creeper
Steve Creeper پیش ماه
Uk is walkers but america is lays
Apollolux پیش ماه
Oh hey, Rayman is back as special guest host!
davincent98 پیش ماه
"You personally stand to lose $50,000,000.00."
Scul Folf
Scul Folf پیش ماه
I remember winningn the £5 from walkers a couple of times when i was a child and giving it to my mum, but the best win i ever had was winning a brand new DS lite for 50p in a raffle
Dark slasher
Dark slasher پیش ماه
Karl's invisishirt seems to be slightly broken today, big sad
Rants 'N' Bantz
Rants 'N' Bantz پیش ماه
Loving the green top on a green screen you have floating forearms and bits taken out of your tattoo aha
TwoJonz T.V.
TwoJonz T.V. پیش ماه
Dude i was boss at watchdogs. The first one at least.
0ther Un1t
0ther Un1t پیش ماه
Lay's wasabi ginger is my all time favorite and they stupidly discontinued them even though I would cut a bitch to get them. I have bought out the entire stock of a couple of bodegas on occasion.
Marcela Mond Königin
Marcela Mond Königin پیش ماه
I love Karl's shirt!!!
WeebTrash پیش ماه
It took me like 3 minutes to notice the floating arms
Blue Side by j-hope
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Blue Side by j-hope
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