The Animators For HTTYD Argued About Whether Dragons Are More Like Cats Or Dogs (Kitties And Doggos) 

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I'm sure something we can all agree on is that Toothless is super, duper cute! Is he as cute as a cat or a dog though?
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Games Play
Games Play پیش 7 روز
.Toothless is both cat and dog so dat/cog
Andrew-Paul Clements
Andrew-Paul Clements پیش 9 روز
There are historical references to dragons but they are all like old roman records or writings of monks and describe them as just really big snakes. So the most historically accurate depiction of a dragon is a "Thicc Danger Noodle"
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson پیش 13 روز
But did they even read the book its based on? No one even realizes there were books and they were a huge part of my childhood years before the movie came out. Then I couldn't sit through more than a few minutes of the movie cuz it's like they took all the names and fully changed the story. Sorry for the bit of a rant.
Emmett Ketler
Emmett Ketler پیش 14 روز
Does anyone know abt the how to train your dragons books
Le Mao
Le Mao پیش 4 روز
I do but haven't read it yet
Jason Guenther
Jason Guenther پیش 15 روز
my dad's dog once got off his leash and came home with the shoulder blade of a cow. he looked so pleased with himself I couldn't bare to take it away. however hence forth he was known as thief. cuz you know he just stole it from another dog, who was probably still on it's leash. lol fucking thief.
teejaye110 پیش 17 روز
its pretty much hard coded in humans to find most baby animals cute because human babies are weak and unable to fend for themselves for years
Oliver Conlon
Oliver Conlon پیش 24 روز
Has anyone mentioned how much this man looks like Greg Barnett from the Scranton, PA punk band The Menzingers?
Morgan Westhoff
Morgan Westhoff پیش 27 روز
I'd like to believe they behave like monitor lizards
Sarah Colvin
Sarah Colvin پیش 28 روز
Toothless is more like a dog... He turns around before he lies down, he cocks his head when he hears a new noise or when he’s thinking, and he’s NOT EVIL! ...dog.
The Ap-Sap
The Ap-Sap پیش 28 روز
He's definitely a cat!
Yan Laroche
Yan Laroche پیش 29 روز
If i start eating humans do i become king human
Le Mao
Le Mao پیش 4 روز
no but you do get put on the goverment's watch list
CrazyLumbyJack پیش ماه
Most of the dragons are dogs, except the furies, who are 100% cats
shadowdarkria پیش ماه
Toothless is a dog
Constantine Petra Dewananda Haryanto
Depends on the brain, tendency, and physiology of the dragon I guess, correct me if I'm wrong
Capt'n Craggy
Capt'n Craggy پیش ماه
i got 1:34 into this then i paused it and went to watch the movie.
Capt'n Craggy
Capt'n Craggy پیش ماه
of course came back to finish the episode though ;)
Cade Golden
Cade Golden پیش ماه
I feel like snake or lizards are a better choice.
Christopher Beckford
Christopher Beckford پیش ماه
The thing I loved about the end of HTTYD3 was the voiceover by Hiccup that starts with "There were dragons when I was a boy." What I love about it, is that is how the original book starts off. The films are "inspired by", but also completely different from the books, but that section of dialog at the end of the final movie is a really nice nod back to where it all started.
Rhianna Cahill
Rhianna Cahill پیش ماه
I always thought that the animators could just look at the books for reference lol. Toothless is definitely more cat-like in them, at least for the most part
B r u h
B r u h پیش ماه
Although I love all the trilogy of movies I really wish they'd make another series of them that are based on the books since they're so different in story, characters and themes.
Vincent Pey
Vincent Pey پیش ماه
I like the way the differentbspecies of dragons are adapted to survive i love the ecology of fictional creatures wich is one of the many reasons that i am adicted to monster hunter since i started 4 ultimate (besides pounding the face of that beutifull creature with a giant fricken hammer and making armour out of its body)
Stephen Borders
Stephen Borders پیش ماه
"3rd and final film" *4th already in development.*
Phantasm Karkoff
Phantasm Karkoff پیش ماه
yeah, kink shaming is fine. this shit if fucked up.
Raine Silverflock
Raine Silverflock پیش ماه
I think the dragons are like foxes because a fox is just a dog mixed with a cat
Cameron Roder
Cameron Roder پیش ماه
.....so it's the BBEG
xXwhitedynamite2 پیش ماه
Toothless is more like a dog to me the panting play bow wagging of tail hes more of a dog realy
Tucker Creech
Tucker Creech پیش ماه
4:43 well hick up shot him
Felix360 پیش ماه
Why not both?
That Guy Again
That Guy Again پیش ماه
Dragons are neither. They are reptiles, so they would act as such. Like humans are interesting, but at the same time, not what they were looking for.
Fabricated Lightning
Fabricated Lightning پیش ماه
Httyd is the best film franchise ever and if i wasnt on a flight with other people i would have cried outright
Jon Thysell
Jon Thysell پیش ماه
RIP Mitch Hedberg
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios پیش ماه
Different breeds would be more dog-like or cat like. We just didn’t see enough! XD
Roman Johnson
Roman Johnson پیش ماه
you know what? as a really big httyd fan 'fuck that one in particular' is actually a really good point lmaoooo
Zulfburht پیش ماه
He has the curiosity of a cat, loyalty of a dog, body of a salamander, and wings of a bat.
Lewis Mystery
Lewis Mystery پیش ماه
Httyd is one of the best movies in my opinion
coopdegamer پیش ماه
Httyd is ace
Mandy McNamer
Mandy McNamer پیش ماه
My cat will not eat out of his bowl if he can see the bottom of the bowl. It must be full enough to cover the whole bottom.
Omega Prime
Omega Prime پیش ماه
The Red Death was awesome though
Anakin80042 Fury
Anakin80042 Fury پیش ماه
"Are they like dogs or cats?" Honestly, I really think they're reptiles
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios پیش ماه
Paraphrase P.M. Seymour “Anything they see IZ A DOG or IZ A CAT”
Aaron Hamric
Aaron Hamric پیش ماه
True dragon locomotion is also probably hard to puzzle out, as we don't have any large, six-limbed animals to use as a reference.
Rusty .Thebanite
Rusty .Thebanite پیش ماه
I saw the Red Death as the creators confirming that Dragons were as individual as the Vikings they raided. There are evil humans, there are evil dragons. You just have to understand which is which before fixing the problem.
Josh Cummins
Josh Cummins پیش ماه
I don't see the wombat either but damn they're quick. They'll chase you around the backyard, headbutt you, try and nimble but it hurts although that one was only playing and not wild. A wild one, it'll just avoid you.
misolgit 69
misolgit 69 پیش ماه
I think Toothless looks and acts VERY much like a cat
Ryan Ozog
Ryan Ozog پیش ماه
Question: Why couldn't the dragons just act like Really Smart/socialized Pet Lizards with slight mammal traits? Answer: Don't be silly! You can't train an Lizard! Me: Pulls up Hundreds of videos showing Trained intelligent/almost dog-like Reptiles. DreamWorks: Oh shit.
G&S Gaming
G&S Gaming پیش ماه
I think Nisha (sp?) was right, def cats. Also cats can totally by as loyal and playful as dogs. My old cat Ciri (named after The Witcher) would literally 1) wait for me at the window every day when I left for work, 2) follow me all around the house whenever I was home, 3) drag her toys over to me to let me she wanted me to play with her more, and 4) always wanted to be sleeping on or near me. It really just depends on how well you can read their body language, how consistent you are (cats are very much creatures of habit), and whether or not you play with them regularly/well (most folks think cats get bored of playing easily but more often than not if you have something like a wand with a string and feather on it and you're moving it well ,not too fast that they never catch it and not too slow that they're bored with some variety, they'll want to play with you till they're completely exhausted. If they leave the room or walk away they are likely trying to hide so they can ambush the "prey" when it is least likely to expect it. Most folks will quit at that point because they think the cat walked away because it was bored when in reality the cat just popped into the other room so it could hug the wall and listen and wait for its chance to strike). Most of the cats I've known would happily play for 1-2 hours, till they were literally panting from exhaustion.
Yume Kaida
Yume Kaida پیش ماه
Httyd 3 proved that making toothless more like a dog was the worst choice dreamwrks could have made. God toothless in httyd 3 sucks ass I'm not even kidding
Austin Cannon
Austin Cannon پیش ماه
I would have thought they'd be more like lizards, but I've never been the smartest guy.
1 Out Of 7.7 Billion
1 Out Of 7.7 Billion پیش ماه
All the Vikings heard in the beginning was a sonic build up to his plasma blast. Honestly it *is* a terrifying concept to not know what or where your enemy is but being able to hear a couple seconds ahead of an explosion Is crazy.
Wonky Chonk
Wonky Chonk پیش ماه
tree = big stick change my mind
B. پیش ماه
Cats don't steal. The giver is just sometimes unaware of their gift.
Moose the Fox
Moose the Fox پیش ماه
They don’t behave like neither cats nor dogs, they behave like foxes
Ckbtony 1983
Ckbtony 1983 پیش ماه
My cat will be in the other room asleep ill walk into the living room with food and the next thing i know shes sitting on the couch right behind my shoulder like what you got to eat? I want some? Chirping away
Coherent Ramblings
Coherent Ramblings پیش ماه
I just had a random thought and thought it would be a good fact fiend focus Cereal mascot battle royale
Amit Gilbert
Amit Gilbert پیش ماه
Stormfly reminds me of a parrot
Twilight Gardens presentations
Depends on if your dragon obeys you or if it lives free. Dogs obey. People don’t like cats.
DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!
My take away here......”where the fuck did they find a 400lbs belly dancer? And who’s dumbass sanctioned that person being allowed to belly dance?”
Pablo Neves
Pablo Neves پیش ماه
The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself!
Liam Corcoran
Liam Corcoran پیش ماه
In the first movie when Toothless dive bombs a house he gives off a Stuka vibe cos of the sound and the speed.
Omicra From Omicron
Omicra From Omicron پیش ماه
Pounces on things, especially light. Has an equivalent of catnip called dragonnip. Prefers and can create its own warm bedding. I think we are in possession of cat mate
Katie Ronnie
Katie Ronnie پیش ماه
Ah but my man. He fetches tho. And he licks hiccups face that’s dog my dude I agree tho he’s definitely a cat
Blink Abyss
Blink Abyss پیش ماه
Fun fact, I was just a kid when the first movie came out and was OBSESSED with it. Now I've watched every episode of all the shows and all the movies and I feel like as a reward, the final season of Race To The Edge came out right on my birthday. Amazing.
Zielion پیش ماه
Fun fact about cats: they don't normally get vocal with other cats. Yeah, they'll sometimes growl or hiss, but the meowing is usually just reserved for the kittens to help the parents/children locate each other. Grown cats are typically silent toward each other, especially in the wild. House cats, on the other hand, are extremely vocal because they've learned that's how humans communicate.
kickseja پیش ماه
actually, hiccup shot down toothless, that's why he was injured
Jeremy پیش ماه
As much as I love it wen fictional animal are made to act like pre-existing pets, like cats or dogs, I do sort of wish the people making these works would just give them a behaviour all their own 😊
Shannon 6201
Shannon 6201 پیش ماه
Both they have the cuteness of a cat as well as the expert death glare of cats but the loyalty and friendship of dogs. :3
Iain Number
Iain Number پیش ماه
The cgi cat videos are from the OwlKitty channel, & that guy inserts his cat into many other scenea. My favorite is when she took the place of the pottery wheel in Patrick Swayze's "Ghost."
Æron deMan
Æron deMan پیش ماه
I too am a fan of Mitch Hedberg R.I.P.
Mr Pigg
Mr Pigg پیش ماه
Tbh this argument makes perfect sense
Lynn H
Lynn H پیش ماه
@2:28 it was my 1 yr old's favorite part. She's older now ofc. She had a dance she did to mimic what toothless and hiccup did around the lines drawn. I have it on video and it's one of my favorite moments bc of her. Love this video btw ☺️
Time Brain
Time Brain پیش ماه
Gods, such a good film series. Happy to see people still talking about it... also, yeah, Night Furies are giant doggos.
Hunter V
Hunter V پیش ماه
Size: Unknown. Speed: Unknown. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Never engage this dragon. Your only chance, hide and pray it does not find you.
Tijana Bojic
Tijana Bojic پیش ماه
In the third movie especially i notices both toothless and the female nigh (light) fury are a pretty good mix of both cat and dog, maybe toothless pulls slightly to dog side in behavior and his girlfriend pulls to cat side
klebbe1 پیش ماه
About the cat drifting, my mothers cat once drifted from the livingroom into the kitchen complete with "screaming tires" sound effects, which i guess was due to toejam or recently licked toebeans. XD
Ben Hearman
Ben Hearman پیش ماه
Toothless walks like a wombat. They walk with the front feet toed inwards With a sort of stomping walk. Just like toothless
P G پیش ماه
We watched the third movie recently and thought how toothless was more canine and the white fury was more feline. Interesting video!
Lauren Ettrick
Lauren Ettrick پیش ماه
I love httyd so much. That's all :)
Obscure Weeaboo
Obscure Weeaboo پیش ماه
Ahh Penny, good old Sneaking Jesus
First Syn
First Syn پیش ماه
My cat does the puppy dog eyes it's not fair
Rhys Causon
Rhys Causon پیش ماه
Depends on the species I think. I mean Toothless definitely acts more like a cat while Stormfly (Astrid’s dragon) gives me dog vibes.
Kasey پیش ماه
Toothless acts just like my dog though.
ゆい714 پیش ماه
Cats are a good model if you want it to act like an animal. Dogs are a good model if you want it to act like a normal person. Dog people don't have a taste for animals and just go for the most human-like ones on the planet.
cloudian159 پیش ماه
They should have done a fox best of both worlds
cats for sure
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith پیش ماه
Toothless doesn't go SSGSS! He goes Super Godzilla! Light up spines and everything! He's a cat/dog/godzilla that can fly!
angelo asl
angelo asl پیش ماه
I still wanna see karl's reaction to zoro ( One piece ) on how he is the literall definition of being a badass
BlackBoy 27
BlackBoy 27 پیش ماه
Toothless starts off acting more like a cat, but he’s personality was always more like a dog. Loyal, loving, caring, playful. All more dog attributes then cats. But he looks more like a cat, and when he’s in attack mode he’s more like a cat, but when with toothless he’s definitely more like a dog. The end result, he is like both animals.
DocDirty MrClean
DocDirty MrClean پیش ماه
I say more like cats, dogs dont move as graceful. I say dragons are more akin to Big cats like a Tiger or Lion.
jocax188723 پیش ماه
Friendly reminder that the little dragons are officially called NightLights. Also, the flight physics of HTTYD were pretty on point. Not sure about the sound barrier being broken every other minute, but the aerobatics and maneuvers were seriously on point.
Patrick Donley
Patrick Donley پیش ماه
Sure Toothless has a big stick, but Yuri Gargarin's is bigger.
Clint Crabill
Clint Crabill پیش ماه
Toothless has his tounge out the whole movie jumping around wagging his tail, he even does the dog pose thing, so im assuming they went with dogs
Yume Kaida
Yume Kaida پیش ماه
That was in httyd 3, aka the disgrace of the trilogy
Athena Kvamme
Athena Kvamme پیش ماه
The baby night furies made me so frustrated just because of their designs. I was over here trying to figure it how night fury coloration works and I had a theory among others that maybe females were white and males were black but that that baby with the black and white cat pattern showed up and all my theories went out the window cause how the heck do you explain a dragon looking like that? They are cute though lol
pyra4eva پیش ماه
I mean, the fact that he resembles Stitch from Lilo and Stitch definitely made me wonder the influences. Chris Sanders was the creator of Stitch and Toothless, hence the style being so similar. He wanted a creature much like Stitch, cute but could also be intimidating. Where you can believe that they could cause mayhem but also be a lovable member of the family. Stitch clearly has some influences from dogs and koalas and since Toothless gets some of his cues from him, I'm not surprised with some of the influences used. He most definitely wanted Toothless to be his own thing and not just a rehash of Stitch so adding in the cat and obvious bat and lizard elements because dragon definitely helps. I definitely always saw Toothless as a hybrid animal because he is a dragon after all. It never struck me as odd that he would have various animal behaviors and for Toothless and Hiccup to bond, you need some recognizable cues for the audience so dogs and cats are a perfect reference. Personally, I can see Toothless as being either a dog or a cat because there are some dogs that need time to trust humans because of a harsh past, which Toothless has, and some cats will play fetch and be super affectionate, like my own cat. The headbutt to Hiccup's hand for example makes me think cat but Toothless jumping on his bed makes me think it could go either way. So I can definitely see the animators going up to Chris like "cat or dog?" and him going "yes". XD
Kelsey H.
Kelsey H. پیش ماه
Toothless is also like a bird too
Din Djarum
Din Djarum پیش ماه
There could be dragons... There might be giants...
Zach Bahamutson
Zach Bahamutson پیش ماه
And depending on the dragon it's a case-by-case basis depending if they're more like a cat or a dog. For example toothless is more like a dog with a cat's intelligence and sense of humor. Stormfly very similar intelligence of a cat Tendencies of a dog she likes to play fetch. Hookfang the monster's nightmare that snot loud rides is very much like a cat because he will light snotlout's pants on fire for no other reason than because he's bored. Meatlug the gronckle is very much like a big dog. I can't tell you what's with barf and belch to save my life they're one Dragon sure but they're separate beings personality-wise.
Mario Giorgi
Mario Giorgi پیش ماه
They look more like cats but act more like dogs problem solved.
Le Lobster
Le Lobster پیش ماه
Hiccup is DreamWorks version of Captain America change my mind
Lachlan McNamara
Lachlan McNamara پیش ماه
I know you don’t take requests or anything like that but you literally don’t have any train or railway related videos on this channel So can ya please at lest do something railway or train related content pls
Donut Hole
Donut Hole پیش ماه
The dragons in the movie are more like the big cats like lions and tigers, because I’ve seen videos of tamed big cats and they’re very much like the dragons in the movies
Freedom Anderson
Freedom Anderson پیش ماه
Many Snake species are cannibalistic.
Freedom Anderson
Freedom Anderson پیش ماه
Much like Eevee from Pokémon, they’re based on both.
Joseph Sanders
Joseph Sanders پیش ماه
Why would u say dog? Dont u love dogs?
Joseph Sanders
Joseph Sanders پیش ماه
By far catz. The dragon we know, has a canine feature. These r catz...... :/