The Creator of Naruto Really Likes Feet (Examples of Amazing Animation) 

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Hands and feet are something most artists dread to draw. That is unless you're Masashi Kishimoto.
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Starring Karl Smallwood
Filmed by Lucas Holland
Edited by Brad Rawlinson
Original Article:
Naruto: Shippûden (2007 - 2017)
One Punch Man (2015 - present)
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)
DRAGON BALL FighterZ - Broly [DBS] Character Trailer (2019)
11 Minutes Of Guilty Gear Strive High Level Gameplay (2019)
Masashi Kishimoto
Naruto, www.viz.com/naruto
Rob Liefeld, Luigi Novi, CC BY 3.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
One Punch Man, www.viz.com/one-punch-man
Ark System Works Logo, arcsystemworks.com/
Dragon Ball FighterZ (2018)
Guilty Gear Strive, www.guiltygear.com/ggst/en/
From filmmusic.io
"Two Finger Johnny" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
License: CC BY (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


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MegaHoboHunter پیش 12 ساعت
Early naruto definitely did not look good, but with shippuden it got better.
S4-MiKER پیش 16 ساعت
May I add the "Fate/Stay Night : Heaven's Feel" movie trilogy's animation... its just... (chef's kiss)
Lizzi Huskey
Lizzi Huskey پیش 2 روز
Temari is my fave.
FuzzyThoughts پیش 2 روز
A discussion of quality anime/animation that doesn't include even a brief mention of Akira or anything from Studio Ghibli? Wot?
pomai moikeha
pomai moikeha پیش 5 روز
One Piece!!!!!! Love naruto!
Cala Maria
Cala Maria پیش 6 روز
Honestly, I would totally show off that I know how to draw feet or hands too.
FullOBolognia پیش 6 روز
I agree. Bare feet are easily the the most difficult thing for me to draw. Gotta put shoes on em.
coolisasome پیش 9 روز
It's nar-u-to not na-ru-to
Mat S
Mat S پیش 10 روز
Goku The Grey
Goku The Grey پیش 13 روز
Fave character: The Pervy Sage
Thomas Graham
Thomas Graham پیش 15 روز
I knew there was a reason I liked Kishimoto
VeNoM0619 پیش 16 روز
I've felt Naruto actually is good animation and style. The first few episodes were clearly not great, but so are all (Dragon Ball, One Piece, etc.). Doesn't seem fair to say "good animation" and cite examples in the past couple years.
Dylan Houston
Dylan Houston پیش 18 روز
You can’t even wear open-toed shoes on carnival rides.
xXKURAMAXx _ پیش 18 روز
The reason why they are “un ninja like” is because it’s supposed to be based in a more modern time that’s why they have corded phones
Fury Fodeath
Fury Fodeath پیش 18 روز
In naruto people dont change clothes they werr the same clothes for years its like the only clothes they got and am wondering if they wash that single set of clothes 🤣
JustCallMe Garcia
JustCallMe Garcia پیش 18 روز
bruh how do you pronounce the creator names right but mispronounce Naruto lol I can't watch this (x
Hopeful Hyena
Hopeful Hyena پیش 19 روز
"Oh you watch one piece" Dang, didn't know Lucas had good taste.
Tyler Prime
Tyler Prime پیش 20 روز
The art in the solo leveling manhwa is phenomenal, it's so good that I know people who have seen panels thinking it's a screenshot from the anime
Gremlin? پیش 21 روز
Kyoto animation is probably one of, if not the best anime animation studio. Really sad the arson thing happened :((
Maada Coomber
Maada Coomber پیش 22 روز
Was this a reupload cuz I remember seeing this I swear. Also clip was from naruto not shippuden
Skele پیش 22 روز
examples of amazing animation: astartes.
Ramon Smith
Ramon Smith پیش 23 روز
Why is Spider-Man ass up 4:00
weardo05respond پیش 24 روز
Anime nerd here to say i enjoyed Your fun conversation
DieZel Mayweather
DieZel Mayweather پیش 24 روز
Baki the Grappler Netflix season 1 is beautifully drawn.
DieZel Mayweather
DieZel Mayweather پیش 24 روز
Madara crushing the Shinobi Alliance is better than the Rock Lee Gara fight in my opinion .
Andfelkak97 پیش 24 روز
good handdrawn animation wich is much better then one punsch man is red line its every thing fast and furios wants to be but better
Vontos' Magic Murder Bag
Vontos' Magic Murder Bag پیش 25 روز
I watched Naruto a couple years ago and remember two things about it: The absurd amount of exposition crammed into the last 75 episodes or so. And wondering whether the artist has a foot fetish. The scene with Suigetsu and Jugo walking barefoot on a muddy road was particularly strong evidence.
Meme OverHaul
Meme OverHaul پیش 25 روز
On the flip side we have Horikoshi- who’s so good at drawing hands he covered his main villain (Tomura Shigaraki) in FUCKING HANDS
Ida S
Ida S پیش 26 روز
Personally, I never had a problem with drawing feet xD they've got a nice "rhythm" to them. Hands can be absolutely infuriating to draw, but so satisfying when you finally get them juuuuust right. Now, noses on the other hand, especially seen from below or a frontal angle.... urgh... Those are annoying - and you can't even hide them because they're just right there, in the smack-middle of everyone's faces.
Zack Irahza
Zack Irahza پیش 28 روز
Fiction: Wizards just so happens to be assassins. Reality: Peasant farmers revolting agains't the upper class, Samurai.
Luke Bisping
Luke Bisping پیش 29 روز
Atleast the man is honest, respect.
fabio پیش 29 روز
As a anime weeb all people who love animated scene in all form are welcome in this rabbit hole
Bricen Duff
Bricen Duff پیش 29 روز
A personal favorite bit of animation of mine is the final fight from the second My Hero Academia movie. I love how it flashes from real actions to the more abstract clashing of the lightning.
Chocolate Man
Chocolate Man پیش 29 روز
Bro “sword of the stranger” animation is pure gold!
where am I?
where am I? پیش 29 روز
Naruto's normal animation isn't amazing but the animation for the fight scenes are actually spectacular and very well choreographed in my opinion.
Dram Springfeald
Dram Springfeald پیش 29 روز
The one punch man thing is even better, ONE the creator of opm was doing a shit comic to practice a drawing app, the high quality manga was done by the professional because HE wanted to do some practice and it took off and his company bought the rights.
Xeio !
Xeio ! پیش 29 روز
Anyone who's ever done frame by frame animation knows how tedious it is. Massive props for these animators work
Dram Springfeald
Dram Springfeald پیش 29 روز
Just a reminder, the Captain America image is based off of Arnold from the 70s
Richard De Armas
Richard De Armas پیش 29 روز
Saying dragon ball fighter looks exactly like the show is wrong because it looks nothing like the show it just looks so good it's what we want the show to look like 👍
Gendou Ikari
Gendou Ikari پیش ماه
Jay Star
Jay Star پیش ماه
Naruto looks amazing
Ian Mayes
Ian Mayes پیش ماه
Well no duh! Dude's Japanese. Of course he likes feet!
luckymouse1988 پیش ماه
The studio that did One Punch Man's first season are fucking great at animation. I'd recommend Trigun Badlands Rumble by the same studio.
ghost zombie
ghost zombie پیش ماه
Anime should always be about having fun.
Zinyak12345 پیش ماه
Sounds like he would love Fallout: The Frontier
Aecus Regen
Aecus Regen پیش ماه
Rock Lee vs Gaara was not shipuden
DangerDurians پیش ماه
To be fair on Liefelds part, He has gotten a bit better
HeyHaho He
HeyHaho He پیش ماه
AzrielRain پیش ماه
Watch Redline (2009)! It is the absolute most insane and beautiful thing ever animated, it took them 7 years to make
Ian Morelock
Ian Morelock پیش ماه
Man I haven’t watched this video yet, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m watching it for the first time and I’m at the end of the war, it’s such a good video
jake beckley
jake beckley پیش ماه
Feet are hard to get right. So much in fact the body pillow I have is perfect except the characters feet 😂😂
wesam jaljuli
wesam jaljuli پیش ماه
3:19 "it's difficult to make toes look good" hentai artists: (X) doubt
Aidan McBride
Aidan McBride پیش ماه
Tarantino: finally, a worthy opponent, are battle will be legendary.
Fuck You
Fuck You پیش ماه
Rob has several art styles. While I agree that cap image is hideous, he HAS done good art.
kit kat
kit kat پیش ماه
chakra feet
Sycom پیش ماه
If you are going to watch Into the Spiderverse in the Cinema try to watch it in 3d, for this movie it's really worth it.
Roseheart Toxic
Roseheart Toxic پیش ماه
Real ninjas don't wear black...
MF پیش ماه
lowkey i like naruto mainly because of the feet... don't kink shame me.
Atsuko Kagari
Atsuko Kagari پیش ماه
For me, Dark Side of Dimensions. That movie is beautiful.
Atsuko Kagari
Atsuko Kagari پیش ماه
Naruto actually does have really good animation. The issue, and reason why you've heard bad things. Is there's a B team, and when the A team is working on movies, or other things. B team takes over. And they aren't terrible, but boy are they underwhelming.
rednekdashie پیش ماه
Into the spider verse was the first time in years I came out of the theater just gushing about the movie. Edit: just to add to this, I am one of those anime nerds with hundreds of shows I've seen that finds amazing animations on sakugabooru. Into the spiderverse is just that good.
Pot8os پیش ماه
It pains me to admit that I give a fuck that He said he gets Naruto and one piece mixed up
nangke پیش ماه
What I've heard is that fetish/fetishist have a milder meaning in Japanese. They already have a native word that describes a person with an ultra hardcore/socially-alienating interest (otaku), so why import a foreign word (fetchi) that has a redundant usage?
Garrett Caldwell
Garrett Caldwell پیش ماه
the way he says "naruto" triggers me on a cellular level
swampfoxemc پیش ماه
real ninja wear blue
adam پیش ماه
I have a question is the creator of bleach in love with the color black?
adam پیش ماه
I think the reason none of them dresses in black is couse the whole point of ninjas is thet they are a secret they soupuse to stay unkhows but naruto is a whole world of ninjas so thers no point hiding yourself
christopher schlegel
christopher schlegel پیش ماه
Arcsys does such amazing animation
dvdmethod پیش ماه
Naruto is hard to animate, so lets drag it out for twice as long as it needs to be!
Yan Yan
Yan Yan پیش ماه
I think the same of one of the producers of Avatar The Last Airbender
Sharon oddlyenough
Sharon oddlyenough پیش ماه
I heard that there is a manga of a disembodied hand because the artist wanted to force themselves to get better at drawing hands. Then they regretted their decision when it became somewhat popular.
Rybread52 پیش ماه
Mob Psycho 100 also has amazing animation, while somehow maintaining the crude art style of ONE. I definitely recommend it to anyone who liked One Punch Man.
rifter rifter
rifter rifter پیش ماه
Angry Anime Nerds = triple redundancy
That Spicy Black Guy
That Spicy Black Guy پیش ماه
When it comes to good animation, Jujutsu kaisen comes to my mond, its currently airing and has consistently top5 animation of past 10 years, just incredible
Richard Hands
Richard Hands پیش ماه
Vinland saga is a phenomenon. Give it a watch if you haven't.
Solo King
Solo King پیش ماه
Anime nerd here: nice conversation!
Jim Jimson
Jim Jimson پیش ماه
4:50 the rock lee v gaara fight is from naruto (part 1 of naruto), not naruto shippuden (part 2 of naruto), they are seperate shows, yes I'm an asshole how could you tell?
Kobrag90 پیش ماه
Jujutsu kaisen is high quality if you want to watch.
Jarod Mackey
Jarod Mackey پیش ماه
My favorite piece of animation, personally, is Great Pretender. It isn't as flashy and explosive as OPM or other series, but it makes simple environments like an abandoned wearhouse or run down suburb look so colorful and beautiful. Cowboy Bebop is a close second for its EXCELLENT environments, its positively amazing, especially for an amime from 1998.
MrAlternitive پیش ماه
naruto has good animation. It's just not consistent. They usually save the effort for just the big fights.
darkwerehog پیش ماه
Huh I know the creator of fairytail as well
bara satan
bara satan پیش ماه
So kishimoto is the dans snyder of the shonen anime
OneLeg Hendo
OneLeg Hendo پیش ماه
Real ninja wore blue more often than not. It stood out less during night ops. Black was for infiltration missions only
Razer Inferno
Razer Inferno پیش ماه
Adam Addict
Adam Addict پیش ماه
"The Creator of Naruto Really Likes Feet" ?????????? I'm going to just leave this here, and get off IRitem for the day.
lidular پیش ماه
Im not sure if it counts as great animation but basically anything from Hayao Mayazaki. That is some of the most beautiful animatoin i have ever seen, nut maybe not do to the actual animation, but to the images them self
Phazon05 پیش ماه
Ufotable has some amazing animation that blends hand drawn with digital effects amazingly. Their work with the Fate series is amazing and while Demon Slayer is overhyped the animation work is something to see.
Garp's Fist of Love
Garp's Fist of Love پیش ماه
In the beginning of the manga Naruto was wearing goggles on his head, which he pretty soon changed into the well known forehead protector, something Kishimoto has admitted to being due to the goggles being too much of a hassle to continuously draw over and over again. Also, if you've only watched the anime up until the Rock Lee vs Gaara fight then you have missed a whole lot of actually super frigging good animation. The Naruto anime is actually known for its fighting animation to be top notch.
El Desconocido Señor K
welp, now I don´t have anything to complain about now XD great video as always
Boonjamoon پیش ماه
Why tf was this in my recommendations
Unhearted پیش ماه
Fuck you this isn’t true
Missing_Nin پیش ماه
Naruto’s animation isn’t known for being particularly bad tf? It’s known for having some of the best animated and choreographed fights in all of anime
Love Lobster
Love Lobster پیش 8 روز
According to who? Do you have sources?
Matthew P
Matthew P پیش ماه
As an anime nerd from the dark ages last century before the term "weeb" was coined, I'm just as excited to see you enjoying a conversation about anime as you were to be having the conversation. Cheers!
Mikeyfluffy پیش ماه
Have you seen any of the Naruto vs Sasuke fights? Or the naruto and sasuke vs momoshiki fight?
PSWii60 پیش ماه
Have to give a shoutout to Redline for amazing animation. Also nods Sym-bionic Titan and Samurai Jack because Genndy Tartakovsky is an absolute wonder.
HsinHao Wang
HsinHao Wang پیش ماه
Those games look good because they do a bit of frame skipping. It allows the animation to look fluid.
Jason Notter
Jason Notter پیش ماه
As a comic artist, I have learned to embrace hands and feet
GEEKS پیش ماه
Dude this anime came out recently and the animation is just great as well WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!!
Jason Dossett
Jason Dossett پیش ماه
It's a ruse. He is actually a sadomasochist and enjoys forcing artists that work for him to do the uncomfortable work of drawing feet.
zach young
zach young پیش ماه
I is amazing and I love the animated tmnt movie