The Giant Chilean Plant That (Allegedly) Hunts Sheep (Dumb Horror Movie Monsters) 

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An obvious fact that everyone knows is that plants aren't very mobile. So how on earth did the Giant Chilean plant devour poor sheep.
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Puya chilensis,
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Tresco Island,
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npc 82
npc 82 پیش ماه
God this dude is just the most insufferable human I've ever heard speak.
Demetrius Beni
Demetrius Beni پیش ماه
You said insufferable in 2021 stfu
bruh moment
bruh moment پیش ماه
If he annoyed you a year ago why are you still here, fucking tool. Go back to incel reddit
huy lâm
huy lâm پیش ماه
the pin of shame
TheMuffinMan پیش ماه
Ah a fellow bellend
mike bar
mike bar پیش ماه
@Trystan Dupre u know too much
WardenWolf پیش 14 روز
We call those grates "cattle guards" in the US. They work a lot better for larger animals that don't really roll over, but for well-padded sheep I can definitely see it being ineffective.
Isaac Orellana
Isaac Orellana پیش 15 روز
I remember that i learned about this cause a friend show it to me while hiking, i proceed to push him into one cause he was nicknamed "little sheep"
Crow Manson
Crow Manson پیش 17 روز
You must be one of those guys who thinks the wolf , tiger, or a shark is his spirit guide, just based off of the pure Angst and toxic masculinity in your personality. When in reality you’re current spirit guide is probably a stink bug for an abrasive personality and toxic behavior, a cockroach for being revolting to others but able to survive anything, and a seagull for resourcefulness. So be careful what animals you call stupid.
Spencer Rugg
Spencer Rugg پیش 21 روز
Ah yes, in the words of Laurence Fishburn "Fuck this ship". I get a surprising amount of use out of that reference.
Tom G
Tom G پیش 24 روز
Put your hat on the correct way. Stupid. Lol. What a sheep.
Nortalian پیش 26 روز
You talking about how stupid sheep are reminded me of this animation I watched called Oh Sheep! Basically two shepherds come to this small patch of grass leading their respective flocks, the two flocks immediately intermingle and bounce happily. Of course, the shepherds can’t distinguish whose sheep is which, so they build a wooden fence which stops the sheep for a minute before one rams into it and breaks it before promptly dying from the head trauma. The shepherds decide to try again, this time with a barbed wire fence. One of the sheep tries to jump it and kills itself on the wire. Next they make a large stone wall, and the sheep seem to be stopped for a moment, before one begins ramming into it, the rest following suit and they begin to kill themselves through heavy brain trauma. Finally, the shepherds realize they can’t separate the sheep with out them killing themselves to get to the other sheep, so they come up with the idea to shear the sheep in different patterns- poka dots and stripes and just let the sheep intermingle. The sheep are happy at first, until they realize the other sheep look different to them, and they seem to slowly back off from each other which would be a funny ending on its own, but remember these are fucking suicidal sheep, so they charge at each other and all the sheep die.
Herbert Ackermans
Herbert Ackermans پیش 27 روز
"The Prometheus school of running away from things"
steven goodman
steven goodman پیش ماه
When I was a young I went to purchase a gate from a guy. After I got the gate the guy asked me (what's the only thing dumber than a gote?).....the person that just bought it.
PedroE پیش ماه
Bramble bushes are technically sheep hunters with the amount theyve killed in the UK
James R
James R پیش ماه
Glen Graham
Glen Graham پیش ماه
At a farm I once worked at I've actually come across sheep trapped like this just by brambles and completely unable to escape. Including ones which had not been found in the and died.
Johanna Julén
Johanna Julén پیش ماه
"does it do this intentionally?" Dude, no. It's a plant. It has no intentions. What is a better question is, does procreation of this plant benefit from having features that increase the chances of a sheep dying around it? Because if it is, it will get worse by natural selection and kill more sheep. Sorry, I'm just a bit allergic to questions about evolution that seems to indicate some sort of intelligent design or purpose.
Just Sm3rk
Just Sm3rk پیش ماه
Why does he look like the cool guy in every teen movie
Gabriel Kröeger
Gabriel Kröeger پیش ماه
you mean bramble bush¿...
OniMetsuki پیش ماه
I've seen the same thing said about brambles, it was noted that the bramble thorns all are directed to direct snared prey closer to the core of the plant. If their purpose was to just protect the plant they would not be so likely stick to animals, potentially damaging the plant.
first name last name
first name last name پیش ماه
It's wharm outside neesha
Tachyon83 پیش ماه
My vote for Dumb Horror Movie Monster - The goblin from "Goblin". WHY DID THE GOBLIN TURN ON THE STOVE?!?!
KestrelDC پیش ماه
Those sheep rolling across the anti-sheep grating reminds me of Wooloo
matfhju پیش ماه
I think morons wuld be more more accurate cus morons can be smart and dum but still be a moron
Marshall Hope
Marshall Hope پیش ماه
Aw man I love cuphead
Ryan Jolly
Ryan Jolly پیش ماه
"Ambush predator"
Jaan Kuus
Jaan Kuus پیش ماه
Birds fly low to hunt insects like flies and mosquitoes, etc.
Alexander Fisher
Alexander Fisher پیش ماه
To the person who dissed him, your opinion I'd admit. But, as a northener, he is the best example of a British person ever to walk the Earth, except for the Queen.
TheVeggieSalad پیش ماه
Re: birds getting hit by cars -- I work at an animal sanctuary that includes a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility. We have/had several birds (owls, other raptors, and crows/ravens, specifically) that have been hit by cars because they've gorged themselves on roadkill and then been unable to maneuver as quickly as normal because of the extra weight. So there's at least one explanation for it! Then there was the giant flock of tiny birds that were acting really weird and lethargic, hanging out in the road one weekend. Dozens of them got hit by cars because they just... weren't moving away with any urgency at all.
greebleClown پیش ماه
0:38 There’s a tree here in Florida called the manchineel that is also an exception. It doesn’t hunt, but standing too close to it for a prolonged period of time it will irritate the lining of your throat and lungs. I’d advise against touching any part of it, and God help you if you eat the apple-looking fruit. Also, if you stand under it during rain you’ll get blistering chemical burns.
Adam پیش ماه
Baby goat on a swing is the greatest cutest video I have ever seen
mike bar
mike bar پیش ماه
This his how I know we're not in the matrix... All the sheep lie down Unless that's part of the program...🧐 🤔
Dark slasher
Dark slasher پیش ماه
they actually remade the day of the triffids but due to a sudden eclipse like event a large amount of the population is blinded and these triffids also attack the eyes of the victim first so the speed of the triffid is less of the issue and more that you can't hear them its still shit but makes them a bigger threat i guess
Petr Ševčík
Petr Ševčík پیش ماه
I didn't even know there was a movie of it, but in the book, the main reasons triffids are dangerous are they're kind of sneaky, have realy long reach, tend gather in large numbers (atracted by sound) and most humans have gone blind at the beinning of the book. It's mentioned, that they existed for a while and there were ocasional accidents, but when the world was going as normal, triffids weren't a threat. It is alluded that they are somewhat inteligent, which is another reason. Also the book isn't a horror, but more of a post-apocalypse.
Happy chap 84
Happy chap 84 پیش ماه
Day of the triffids is great. not the movie. read the book.
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes پیش ماه
Event horizon is such a good movie and it's like deep rising great movies ahead of their time and only now people like them.
rishi dharan
rishi dharan پیش ماه
Sounds like it's the Tumbleweed of UK
kamalmanzukie پیش ماه
Mike Coatsworth
Mike Coatsworth پیش ماه
Bit hard to get away from a Triffid when your blind
I find great pleasure in the image of sheep rolling to find food
TheSunken پیش ماه
Its 40+ (centigrade) where i am at. Im in 3 layers
Allan titan
Allan titan پیش ماه
Anyone else imagine something completely different when they heard that a plant eats sheep? Lol
Gabriel Castillo
Gabriel Castillo پیش ماه
My grandfather had one of this by the entrance of his barn and every time he told me to grab something from it, this plant stung me and damn it hurts like a motherfucker. Also there were always dead mice around it. My grandfather told my he got in a trip to Punta Arenas from a dude that used to make tea out of them, don't, you'll have the worst fucking diarrhea of your life
Hector's Kmetija
Hector's Kmetija پیش ماه
In one way sheep are very intelligent ( one of mine can open my kitchen and garage door), but the little buggers are great at eating things that kill them. Not just dodgy plants but also plastic, metal you name it, they will eat it. Plus just eating too much, which can kill them.
Mike Garner
Mike Garner پیش ماه
Go watch Blacksheep
Joseph Buckley
Joseph Buckley پیش ماه
Gonna be honest I was imagining some sort of sheep sized v⁰0enus fly trap which would be awesome
André Durant
André Durant پیش ماه
I’ve heard that farmed turkeys have been know to drown when it would rain, because. They’d look up, with their beaks open, and drown. Admittedly, I heard this as a kid. Could be totally wrong.
Pramienjager پیش ماه
Brambles (black berry bush) do the same thing.
blaster23456 پیش ماه
They should get a guard llama to kick the plants to death
JKattack پیش ماه
Cows look the dumbest and its not close
Adam پیش ماه
Dont for get the first evil dead movie. With the rape tree
Spinosaur101 پیش ماه
This is also rumored about blackberry brambles, as they can grow rapidly over large areas and their vines are absolutely covered in thorns. Animals like sheep are easy to snag as their wooly coats get caught firmly in the thorns, but other weakened animals with thick fur (such as coyotes) can easily get caught up in them if they're not careful as well. Another more rare example happens with deer; does can bed in blackberry bushes fairly easily by stomping down the vines, but most bucks (when they have their antlers anyway) avoid bedding down in blackberry brambles to avoid getting snagged and caught up, as It's easy for their antlers to get tangled in them. At that point, they usually end up easy prey for careful predators, (some of which, such as coyotes, wild dogs, and wolves are smart enough to use this as a hunting advantage, to corner or ensnare them) or they die of dehydration and fatigue within a few days if they're too weak/entangled to get free. The plant certainly doesn't rely on this for nutrients as blackberry vines are pretty damn hardy and can grow anywhere with a decent amount of rain, but the added nutrients of the ensnared animals, whether it's the plant that killed it or not, is still beneficial to it and the mycelium it and most (if not all) other plants work with and rely upon. I've seen the bodies and bones of animals in the brambles deep in the woods when I was younger on multiple occasions, usually while berry picking or maintaining the land with my dad or helping my friends with their's up the road. It was a relatively rare find, but there was still at *least* one medium/large animal carcass found in the brambles per year in various stages of decay, some of which probably died of natural causes, but others that were noticably entangled in the brambles, and it wasn't just the vines growing through old bleached skeletons.
Aki پیش ماه
Ask a British farmer about bramble (blackberry) bushes. They grow abundantly in sheep-fields because of the manure. What is horrifying is that they are almost perfectly designed to kill sheep. The thorns on the plants grip the sheep wool and are angled in such a way that makes it easier to move towards the centre of the plant than it is to get out. Sheep are dumb, do exactly that and will be cut or held until death where they fertilise the bramble bush. Farmers have a theory that this is how these bushes supplement their nutrient, and evolved to be snare hunters. Most farmers leave the bushes in, once established they are a nightmare to remove due to their thorns and root systems; and the local villages usually complain when they can no longer pick free brambles.
Camden Fitzgerald
Camden Fitzgerald پیش ماه
Man, I already don't like venus fly traps... why did I watch this.
Jordan D
Jordan D پیش ماه
Sheep get caught and "eaten" by ordinary bushes as well
Nonarei پیش ماه
Brambles (Blackberry plants) are said to do the same, there are some theories about them being "secondary predatory" plants due to the thorns seeming to be more evolved to hold/trap creatures rather than deter them and can snare fur and clothing as badly as razor wire can. Some botanists have suggested it could be one of the stages of evolution that could lead to fully predatory plants when my direct consumption evolves later, the fact that both Brambles and this Chilean plant grow in poor, thin soil might go towards the semi predatory nature as Carnivorous plants grow in poor soils. Other Botanists refute the idea completely, though they do admit the plants would benefit from the decomposing corpse over the root structure.
4991ukasoy پیش ماه
I love the "Man eating Tree of Madagascar"
The Bowtie
The Bowtie پیش ماه
Is it possible that they started off having spikes and randomly killed the sheep, and that gave them good fertilisation. And then they just evolved into a culture of Sheep-eating plants
victorious0001 پیش ماه
Pretty sure birds are just dare devils
princeoftheson پیش ماه
There is a scene in the evil Dead where these trees rape a woman that was pretty scary to me when I was six
Linda Larsen
Linda Larsen پیش ماه
the book day of the triffids is quite good.
Andrea Hanauer
Andrea Hanauer پیش ماه
the blackberries do the same.
Richard Harding
Richard Harding پیش ماه
Driving through Arizona south of Winslow. 10:30 at night going 60mph (100 kph) In a large white moving van. I see a white object moving toward the road just inside the passenger A-pillar area of the windshield. Position staying the same which I learned in flight school means we are on collision course. This is about a 2 second event at this point. Suddenly *whack* the A-pillar of the van meets with a full grown western barn owl. I cussed the bird for being so dumb. And cried a bit because this awesome bird was now dead.
Wobblybob2004 پیش ماه
You look like Roy Simpson!
Malcur پیش ماه
Triffid meet shotgun....
Cheeki Breekster
Cheeki Breekster پیش ماه
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes always comes to mind when I hear about killer plants
Bishop پیش ماه
Yes!!!! 100 percent agee that the scene in event horizon where he says we are leaving. Is likely the best ever
Trenjeska پیش ماه
Thorny brambles are aledged to do the same
dagamerguyofawesome پیش ماه
If you want to see a horror movje thats so bad its hilarious, try an old one called "The Refrigerator" Bet you can't guess what the monster is
edgarloike پیش ماه
The UK has a sheep killing plant. If left unchecked, it can grow over huge areas of land. It uses fruits to attract its prey. Once its prey gets in range, it uses its barbs to hook into the animal. The animal will find more and more barbs, as it starts to struggle. Eventually the animal will die, decompose and feed the soil. They grow everywhere and you probably have traces of them in your garden. They are the dreaded Bramble.
kromus1 پیش ماه
It's a little known fact that the common blackberry bramble is considered by some to be a carnivorous plant like this chilean thing. Ever got caught in brambles? Those thorns are perfect for snaring in sheep's fleece, which then die and are consumed by the plant after the animal decomposes. There's a IRitem vid of a farmer trying to free a sheep from a bramble before it dies
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod پیش ماه
Blackberries and Brambles do the same thing-- eat sheep. They trap them, the animals die and rots into the earth an the plant gets the nutrients.
Lazychuck Productions
Lazychuck Productions پیش ماه
To be fair if I through a loaded shotgun into the woods misfired and killed a dear I would boast about my hunting abilities for fun
Saihil Patel
Saihil Patel پیش ماه
Can you address the other watchers of your channel, like us non-large dicked individuals. Thanks.
Phillip Medina
Phillip Medina پیش ماه
Feed me Seymour , feed me.
Dean Liddell
Dean Liddell پیش ماه
10 feet tall, or 1 of my crush.
Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez پیش ماه
The one parody of a Horror Movie is "The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon" by Richard Gale , in which a man is being stalked like in "It Follows," by a killer who intends to kill him by hitting him with a teaspoon. Nothing magic about the spoon, just he just will get hit over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, again with a spoon.
David Droguett
David Droguett پیش ماه
I so rarely see chilean representation and it feels so good, you could do El Trauco, it's a pretty interesting leyend from Chile
Mike Mac
Mike Mac پیش ماه
People say the same thing about bramble bushes.
Focusphobia پیش ماه
In the Day of the Triffids, there were meteorites seen worldwide that caused blindness in anyone who watched, as well as making the triffids mutate. So sure the triffids are slow, but people are literally walking blind and can't defend themselves. So are the 1962 film and 2009 BBC series bad? Maybe and yes, but it helps if the facts are stated.
Raymond Fagan
Raymond Fagan پیش ماه
Why do shepherds wear robes? Because sheep can hear a zipper a mile away!
MrGrinny پیش ماه
In Cornwall we have extremely thorny gorse bush that are very small in height round parts of the coast that will trap mainly sheep, The amount of bones I'd see as a kid walking paths was shocking, don't know if they would wander past at night and get trapped but that's my guess.
Diego Brando
Diego Brando پیش ماه
“Fucking hell its waam outside “ excuse what
Steve Daniw
Steve Daniw پیش ماه
Can you please do a video about American presidents there is a lot of crazy history out there.
InnSewerAnts پیش ماه
Did you seriously distinguish between trees and plants even though trees are plants? xD
Cox Brawls
Cox Brawls پیش ماه
I just wanna see if I get noticed. Kinda hoping you don't...
Garrett Tooker
Garrett Tooker پیش ماه
So you're telling me there is a plant I can use to defend against range maggots?
Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan پیش ماه
The plant “stalks” sheep
Mark The Cruel
Mark The Cruel پیش ماه
The Thing in the original black and white movie was a plant. just putting that out there.
Zaalpe پیش ماه
This reminds me of a video I saw where a guy argued brambles are the worlds largest carnivorous plant for pretty much the same reason. Sheep get caught in them and die providing fertilizer for the plant. Probably not true. Don't think it'd catch anything less wooly than a sheep but it's interesting to think about.
Rob M
Rob M پیش ماه
The cool thing about goats is the info behind the old saying "to get your goat" or "got your goat"
Alex Richardson
Alex Richardson پیش ماه
Sheep: *walks into Puya Chilensis and becomes stuck* Puya Chilensis: "A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one."
Emperor Nuero
Emperor Nuero پیش ماه
That hat makes you look younger
Atticus Walker
Atticus Walker پیش ماه
Jared Hall
Jared Hall پیش ماه
the same thing happens with blackberry plants in the pacific northwest
Noah Cranston
Noah Cranston پیش ماه
I checked their sources because I legitimately thought that it had to be a joke but Christ, that thing is straight out of a fever dream
Noah Cranston
Noah Cranston پیش ماه
No disrespect to you guys, I just can’t handle the fact that thing is real
Researcher Chameleon
Researcher Chameleon پیش ماه
Me at 2:30 : “Get on with it!”
デーモンPurple پیش ماه
I mean technically if you place a dead sheep under that plant, eventually you can say that the plant ate the sheep's nutrients
Isopod Slug
Isopod Slug پیش ماه
Love that movie
Conor Hynes1
Conor Hynes1 پیش ماه
How long will it be before there is a pokemon based on this plant
Nebuer Remraf
Nebuer Remraf پیش ماه
pmsl knob head :-)
Death OfTime
Death OfTime پیش ماه
Zombies always scared me. They aren't the ones they usually show in movies though. They are unstoppable. Relentless. Strong and fast as when they were alive. They can only be stopped by complete dismemberment. I tended to have nightmares about them more then anything else. Been awhile since they've been in my nightmares though.
GhostRav3n 44
GhostRav3n 44 پیش ماه
"Its warm outside" bro its cool in Australia right now and I'm in shorts.... That's it
Jerry Unsane
Jerry Unsane پیش ماه
Well, it's not like it was a Triffid, right?