The Golfer So Good He Beat People In A Wheelchair (Could We Hustle?) 

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Titanic Thompson is known as one of the most notorious hustlers of all time. He was so good at what he did that, even in a wheelchair, he would still win.
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Al Capone, Chicago Bureau (Federal Bureau of Investigation) - Wide World Photos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Artwork from Guitar Hero (2005)
Box Art for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Left joycon, www.nintendo.co.uk/
Wheelchair, Sima shimony, CC BY-SA 4.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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"Two Finger Johnny" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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mcsmith1003 پیش روز
Does he remind anyone else of Jimmy Carr?
liquid klone
liquid klone پیش 2 روز
Watch out, your participle is dangling.
A Youtube Channel
A Youtube Channel پیش 16 روز
So here is the question you need to ask: What if he was president.
Jeremiah Noe
Jeremiah Noe پیش 17 روز
First question: How are multiple people fitting in the same wheelchair? Second question: How does beating up some handicapped people so poor they have to share a wheelchair prove you're any good at golf?
Jeremiah Noe
Jeremiah Noe پیش 17 روز
On an unrelated note, this guy sounds like he might've been the inspiration for D' Arby.
BlackbirdRedwing پیش 17 روز
I think my one bragging point when it comes to games is that I can proficiently play any FPS using a shitty office laptop trackpad just because that's what I did growing up
Bargins Galore
Bargins Galore پیش 18 روز
I read that title very wrong
Victoria Fernandez
Victoria Fernandez پیش 20 روز
random skill caused by genetic defect I can bend my fingers on my left hand back far enough that i can touch my wrist with them.
the real mr mago907
the real mr mago907 پیش ماه
Titanic Thompson mastered ultra instinct
DerMotze پیش ماه
that joycon flex reminded me of one of my friends. He always plays pc games or emulated console games with these old arcade controllers and beats the shit out of everyone with that
Mick Kjelland
Mick Kjelland پیش ماه
I can play golf both left and right and have hustled a few people using that ability
Mark Calise
Mark Calise پیش ماه
Fun Fact: Titanic Thompson was the inspiration for the character Sky Masterson from the short story "The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown" by Damon Runyon. Sky was also a character in the musical Guys and Dolls which was based on several Runyon short stories.
gonzojosiah90 پیش ماه
This man has completed as many hoodwinks, flim flams, and doops as Barney Stinson
EIN Games
EIN Games پیش ماه
Yes I hustled someone. At collage i sucked at pool, but played enough on the dorm crap table that I could do some real shit shots that looked like trick shots. All because I knew where the soft sections of the sides where and low spots on the slate/felt that would throw off others.
Ramen Man
Ramen Man پیش ماه
Wait it’s a flex to play with a single left joycon?
Jacques-Laurent Tiktin
You clearly love saying Titanic Thompson
SaviorGabriel پیش ماه
Your story about playing Smash on a single Joycon makes me think of how some people in the FGC are absolutely adamant about fight sticks. There's been this long standing debate about whether or not playing on a fight stick is the ideal way to play fighting games proficiently over a pad. I've always been a firm believer that it all boils down to whatever the person is most comfortable with.
VirulentSkills پیش ماه
Me reading the title: "Well shit, I could probably beat someone who's in a wheelchair at golf too"
Apfeltee aqt
Apfeltee aqt پیش ماه
i read that very wrong
John Salkeld
John Salkeld پیش ماه
He is a street magician
Shadow Anderson
Shadow Anderson پیش ماه
My church does torments for smash and because we have so many people we all have to learn how to use the joy-cons but I do have a hustle given that I don’t own a switch but I’m very good at smash and have won many of our tournaments
Happy Salemander
Happy Salemander پیش ماه
Why does he look like a character from that noir game about detecting lies
Mustard Bastard
Mustard Bastard پیش ماه
Beating people in wheelchairs is easy, they can't even run away!
Theodoric MacCambell
Theodoric MacCambell پیش ماه
Titanic Thompson looks like Jimmy Carr
John Suave
John Suave پیش ماه
Weird flex but ok.
Extremist Garchomp
Extremist Garchomp پیش ماه
do people hate the single joycon system that much? it seems fine for pretty much everyone I've ever seen playing it, including several Smash purists I know
Drew Dederer
Drew Dederer پیش ماه
They weren't kidding about "crack shot" he once won a "double or nothing" bet that he could hit eight 50 cent pieces tossed in the air with his revolver. Then there was the time he bet he could drive a golf ball 500 yards, and did (with the wind, on a frozen lake, in the dead of winter). Guy was a legend.
JE3STER666 پیش ماه
The left is the better of the 2 joy cons I'd like to see someone good with the right one
Vercalos al'Corlin
Vercalos al'Corlin پیش ماه
I totally misinterpreted that Title to mean that the golfer was beating people in wheelchairs and thinking "What a horrible person, beating the disabled."
Ms. Centurion
Ms. Centurion پیش ماه
Me grandpa knew someone that could play golf with one hand Sincerely, Ms. Centurion
Eggs Benedict Cucumber Patch
I would love having these as podcast stories
Young Pistol
Young Pistol پیش ماه
Left joycon gang.
Joe Ellsworth
Joe Ellsworth پیش ماه
Thompson once bet a bunch of people he could drive a ball 700 yards.thats impossible everyone says Thompson wait till winter took everyone to the edge of a frozen lake and hit a string straight drive.the ball was still rolling when the bets were paid off
mrshinebox پیش ماه
"He was so good he could beat people in a wheelchair". So could I if I wanted to, but why would I want to fight someone who can't walk?
Jonathan Rice
Jonathan Rice پیش ماه
At first when I read the title I was confused because I thought he was beating people who were paralyzed
Performa پیش ماه
That's ridiculously impressive.
Sadriu Kage
Sadriu Kage پیش ماه
*D'Arby the Elder has entered the chat*
Toldasor پیش ماه
In similar (though less impressive) fashion to Karl's joycon skills, I only played Smash Brawl on a single WiiMote and can put up a mean fight... That too annoys the crap out of That Kinda Person and it's the best.
Mc Rex
Mc Rex پیش ماه
I can't imagine its that hard to beat someone who is confined to a wheelchair using a golf club.
VS Arachnos
VS Arachnos پیش ماه
I can beat people in a wheelchair too, but when I do it , it's 'a crime' or 'evil' .
Z Omega
Z Omega پیش ماه
Carlos Leon
Carlos Leon پیش ماه
Lmao, excellent clickbait title.
Charlie Quanstrom
Charlie Quanstrom پیش ماه
My little brother and I being formerly employed as the dedicated rotten lemon disposal crew of our parents' lemon tree, can confirm lemons don't need extra weight, there was plenty weight to clear the 250 feet down to the street.
Benjamin Mack
Benjamin Mack پیش ماه
I once lost a game of pool to a friend who had broken his right arm! To be fair he had grown up in a small village in ireland where there was a pub with a pool table and not a great deal else!
DIO پیش ماه
I also can beat someone in a wheelchair
Banan ah
Banan ah پیش ماه
Imagining hustling for money and then beating people in wheelchairs, fucking asshole.
CrazyCadet 13
CrazyCadet 13 پیش ماه
why is there no movie about this man????
A_Crispy Peener
A_Crispy Peener پیش ماه
my friends and i play magic the gathering and i cant say we ever played for money but i've had days where i just dominate the group but give out free wins to people until they start talking crap, then the gloves are off
Shawnoo7Fra پیش ماه
I thought myself how to solve a 3x3 rubiks cube under 3 minutes. I assure you I make money everytime I go in a construction site for my job, cause they can't fathom anyone solving a rubiks cube that fast in front of their eyes. Then I double the bet with a 4x4 rubik's cube annnnnnnd win tons of cash xD
Aaron Eads
Aaron Eads پیش ماه
I'm confused. Why play the game, if you're not going to take it seriously?
Ero Kreitsman
Ero Kreitsman پیش ماه
But... the left joycon is just a NES controller? As in, the amount and placement of the buttons.
Watch Me Do
Watch Me Do پیش ماه
Wasn’t expecting to go onto Titanic Thompson’s Wikipedia to see a whole section dedicated to ‘killings’ 💀
Dalob پیش ماه
Dont you also have that really small Controler?
Leave A Crawler
Leave A Crawler پیش ماه
love old school guitar hero. so much so i taught myself to play frets with just 2 fingers.
Keanan Siddall
Keanan Siddall پیش ماه
I always hustle uni students at chess when they try acting a smartass
VeryPeeved پیش ماه
i don't care how good he is at golf, he can't keep getting away with assaulting the disabled!
Paddy Currie
Paddy Currie پیش ماه
If this video ever gets take down and needs to be re-uploaded. They should make the end part a separate video because that is the ultimate hustle
Swerving Lemon
Swerving Lemon پیش ماه
Your super smash bros story reminds me of Safety Monkey, who would routinely beat people at arcade fighting games using only one hand.
K Boyle
K Boyle پیش ماه
I will note that betting on the Ponies is not completely random. It is one of the two most popular gambles (Poker being the other) where the gamblers bet against each other rather than the house, therefore the odds are not hedged against you by default.
ToxSyck پیش ماه
Wait a second, if you went through all the trouble to teach yourself to play Smash Bros on an inferior controller, wouldn’t that mean that technically you take it more seriously than the people who get butthurt over it?
You can open beer bottles with anything. That's your hustle.
Soer Poet
Soer Poet پیش ماه
Thompson also might be involved in Arnold Rothstein's assassination
Resigil Changer of the Ways
It makes sense that he lost it on something that is totally random. When you can and have rigged the game for as long as him you'd want something that you could count on that wasn't, for the most part, rigged to gamble on. Knowing that there is no way you can alter the outcome for someone like that would be a nice reprieve from your normal reality.
Freedom Anderson
Freedom Anderson پیش ماه
*Looks at wheelchair*
Che1Angelius پیش ماه
I learned using the blue and red controller for smash ultimate, for the lols. I use cloud, corrin, lucario and marth, but I love DK Throw and the kirby suicide. I also learned using the handheld part of the system, I am used to the gamecube and the switch controller thing ( the wireless big controller, not the one you connect the blue and red controller on). I love the faces of soreness when I do that.
Bryan H Market
Bryan H Market پیش ماه
I neeeeeeeeeeedddd that shirt
Michael Boudreaux
Michael Boudreaux پیش ماه
I learned to play Guitar Hero on Expert with a Wiimote
CRTeaser 97
CRTeaser 97 پیش ماه
Lol I use a yobo n64 controller I need nerf myself in smash64 too
TheNemesis442 پیش ماه
that doesn't sound like he was good at all......why would he pick on disabled people?? what a terrible person!!! disliked and unsubbed!!!
Holly Vitols
Holly Vitols پیش ماه
I Kind of have a Hustle, but I only use it at comic con or other conventions. I have been doing it since I was about 11, and I know a crap ton about comic books (at the time as I have lost track a bit as of late) and at the time gate keeping jackholes would always do the 'Fake nerd girl' BS to me so I would make them a bet. They ask me a tricky comic book question/trivia and if I got it right they would buy me a comic book and if I lost I would leave the story/stand. I got about 20 or so comics this way.
ItsVincent پیش ماه
Idk why but I read golfer as tennis...yeah
Rogue CHlNCHlLLA پیش ماه
I can beat people with a wheelchair... Does that count?
Charles Gore
Charles Gore پیش ماه
Punctuation 🤦‍♂️
Liam Duncan
Liam Duncan پیش ماه
I mean you can open a beer with damn well anything thatd be a alright hustle
Brandon Hughes
Brandon Hughes پیش ماه
Titanic Thompson looks like Dan Bull a little bit
ProWeltfrieden پیش ماه
Is there a reason that only one arm is tattooed?
Paul McKee
Paul McKee پیش ماه
Ever heard about dioganes the man who only owned a robe and a bowl
TC Plays Yugioh
TC Plays Yugioh پیش ماه
I'm better with a joycon as well because on the wii I played with just the stock controller no nunchaku
Okyeahbutwhythoe پیش ماه
this guy is badass
metalgamer11 پیش ماه
here i am shocked that i am usually THAT kind of person-.-
My Buddy Mike
My Buddy Mike پیش ماه
Ha! I also rock the left joy-con as my main control for smash. I have a big family and it was more out of necessity then anything else but it seems to be working out well for me. My kids will team up against me and I still mop the floor with em!
james sedgwick
james sedgwick پیش ماه
I used to do the same when TLOUR came out in PvP if always tell ppl after the lost to me 5+ times to pick my load out and I'd still beat them 🤣 God I miss TLOUR 😈
Camron Morris
Camron Morris پیش ماه
My grandfather (on dad's side of the family) was a VERY good golfer, to the point where pro golf legend Arnold Palmer asked him to go pro after golfing togetger st a carity tournament (i have the hat from this tourney). Back then pro golfers didnt really make much until they were getting endorsement deals. My Grampas job doing drywall paid better and he had a family to feed, so he ignored Arnolds advice. Instead, my grandfather became a huge golf hustler. Read below for a long story of triumph. Our local course was having neighborhoods constructed around it, which my grandad did the drywall for. He'd ask the homeowners, home builders and other subcontractors for tips about "that impossible golf course!". The course is notoriously easy, so theyd all assume he was just shit at golf. Once he sensed that they thought him a shit golfer, he'd challenge them to a game. The first 3 holes, he'd always "feed the birds" by shanking some shots, cursing, throwing clubs, all that good stuff he'd lose 1-5 bucks on each of the first couple holes. Then for the final 15, he would clean mother fuckers out. This happened so often that people avoided going to the course, making it nearly go out of business. the owner got fed up with my gramps and threatened to ban him. Grampa scotty said "well, how about i buy it from you instead?". He had saved ALL of his golf winnings, and bought the course with them. Rip scotty, im so sorry i was only 1 year old when you passed.
Jen DuBay
Jen DuBay پیش ماه
That’s a fantastic story!
Nebulous Noah
Nebulous Noah پیش ماه
Since I never owned a switch (played on my friends') I was never allowed to play with any other joycon than the left
Laura Vance
Laura Vance پیش ماه
The original question to far away Nisha whether she has ever hustled anyone. I accidentally did once. I was a pretty good pool player back in the day, and I went into this seedy bar and put my money on the table. The guy I played had been holding the table for several games, and since I was a stranger he asked if I was any good, and I answered honestly that I was ok. Then I ran the table down to the 8 ball and took a couple of tries to sink it, but he still had several balls on the table. The place was seedy enough that I was nervous that I had pissed of the wrong guy, so I threw the next game and said that I was hot and cold, so no egos were hurt. The truth was that I grew up with a pool table and I played a lot. And at the time, I was in the US army and played pool in the barracks regularly. I never thought of myself as "good," but in hindsight, I probably was.
Jord Ault
Jord Ault پیش ماه
Beating people in wheelchairs is a bit harsh mate
Elemaniel Pagan
Elemaniel Pagan پیش ماه
"I'm going to assume at least a few people thought this was hyperbole" I know better than to think that Karl.
Michael Niemela
Michael Niemela پیش ماه
yall see the dude that won a smash bros turny with a steering wheel
David Curtis
David Curtis پیش ماه
What a fucking legend
Dude Brosefson
Dude Brosefson پیش ماه
Imagine getting beaten by a caddy, using his left hand, while in a wheelchair.
Greater Grievobeast 55
With casts on both of his hands and bandages on his eyes.
James Barels
James Barels پیش ماه
Best $20 I ever spent.
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown پیش ماه
I think a lot of people suffer from the 2nd part of the Dunning-Kruger effect, people of a moderately high skill level tend to think of themselves as average. So many people who would be able to hustle with a particular skill often don't realize they are above average.
Aaron Basham
Aaron Basham پیش ماه
Did they ever record how to play golf in a wheel chair? I think that would actually be great for people there to know.
The Bonus Boss
The Bonus Boss پیش ماه
Honestly you talking about secret talents made me think of one I have which is I really good at rolling high numbers on dice, which is great because I play dnd
James Barels
James Barels پیش ماه
If you can dodge a hotel key, you can dodge a 5-iron.
Nicholas Schindler
Nicholas Schindler پیش ماه
I was playing Jump Force with someone before the dark times, and they really don't like Dragon Ball. So I'd just style on their arse so hard with my level 3 oc named Mark, Piccolo and Vegeta. They got so mad that they just gave up
Giggleanthropisticon پیش ماه
I deeply wish a screenwriter would put together a Caddyshack-esque movie focusing on this guy's life trolling a millionaire and their resort hands
Felixthekitkat پیش ماه
ive seen karl open many bottles of alcohol with random objects to the point that im sure he could make mini bar wagers to get free drinks
Marcelo Padilla
Marcelo Padilla پیش ماه
what about the guy that hustle an entire town saying he can make it rain in a town i want to say in the USA that was going through a drought
Cryo Ladd
Cryo Ladd پیش ماه
Glad you didn't title it "...beat people in a wheelchair." because that would have had so many other meanings.
James Gardner
James Gardner پیش ماه
If you think being in a wheelchair is a bigger obstacle to playing golf than a blindfold then you're probably an ableist
Even i can beat someone in a wheelchair and i dont play golf