Wiki Weekends | Nero Tries To Gain His Fathers Affection By Beating Him Up 

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Nero is pretty badass and is not someone who is afraid to take on his father, even just to prove his power and existence.
SPOILERS for Devil May Cry 5.
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Featuring (via phone call) Lucas Holland
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Devil Bringer,
Johnny Yong Bosch,
Red Queen,
Karl and Lucas' DMC V playthrough,
"Samba Isobel" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Shinji391 پیش 28 روز
Ideology exists in your genitals, not your brain. Lol.
TheShyBoo پیش 28 روز
Why haven't they added his other title, Dead Weight? :P
晚血龙 پیش ماه
Wait Nero' voice actor is the black power ranger And vergils voice actor is the 6th time force ranger
Desante Meh
Desante Meh پیش ماه
Heard his father is pretty *motivated*
Yo Yo-Yo
Yo Yo-Yo پیش ماه
Nero also turns up in the divine comedy like where Dante and Vergil come from in fact the whole book is pretty much a love letter to some guy called Nero who wrote a book that the Dante Alighieri liked
jovan jones
jovan jones پیش ماه
Strangely enough the thumbnail looks like Cody Rhodes
Buddy McBudFace
Buddy McBudFace پیش ماه
Dante is business inclined, only if you ignore the fact that he isn't financially stable and has pawned off most of the devil arms he's collected to pay the bills
Dralak Ba-dusk
Dralak Ba-dusk پیش ماه
you think N is a bad alias, just you wait till you Watch Kamen Rider Ex Aid. MC : Name: Emu ; Alias : Emu(in Katakana) SC: Name: Enu ; Alias: Enu( in Katakana)
Glados hellsing
Glados hellsing پیش ماه
Vegeta is a angry uncle
VindicAlpha پیش ماه
Honestly, expressing one's feelings by combat seems to be a thing in the Sparda bloodline.
KesorodaBlk پیش ماه
Dante = X Vergil = Zero Nero = Axl...
KesorodaBlk پیش ماه
Dante, the one other Capcom guy who is most likely to kick your ass, and STILL take you out for a drink. (And 🍕!) Change My Mind!
Cat پیش ماه
I hope they do dante next.
kyle brown
kyle brown پیش ماه
These subtitles XD "kitty a"
DJ Dermo07
DJ Dermo07 پیش ماه
Destiny 2 has a sword that can rev up
Nogilthazaa پیش ماه
Fuck yeah, that sword has carried me through so many Master Ordeals with it's barrier piercing.
Vivi پیش ماه
Insulted they didn't have Deadweight in his also known as.
12setver پیش ماه
Ever thought about covering the Warhammer 40k universe? Thanks for the weekend video
HectorGrey پیش ماه
So Nero is the Black Ranger (Johnny Yong Bosch played Adam, the second Black Ranger in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers)?
Leigh Tiongson
Leigh Tiongson پیش ماه
He needs more quantum power
kizakiaoi پیش ماه
Yes, always wanted more DMC content! love it :)
m3tal_p4nda پیش ماه
FFXV has the engine blade.
No Name
No Name پیش ماه
but leaves the question, whos the mother?
Ben Rogers
Ben Rogers پیش ماه
Have you ever done an episode of when the the BBC used the UNSC logo for the UN logo
AwakeInTokyo پیش ماه
is it just me who thinks Nero in devil may cry 5 looks like Dante from dmc
TheTopCat S.
TheTopCat S. پیش ماه
I love Virgil as a character, but lets be honest; the real reason Virgil lost against Nero is because Virgil consistently loses against everyone.
IchiroFuma پیش ماه
Deadweight wasn't mentioned on it? Lol
Whole Hand
Whole Hand پیش ماه
Really hope he does BAKI soon the old school one and the new ones! I want him to talk about the imagination fighting scene 🤣
Alfred Newboult
Alfred Newboult پیش ماه
Hay do you remember that time a director removed one of the rocks legs in a disaster movie to handy cap him cause he's too op
Zacharie Winters
Zacharie Winters پیش ماه
Oh yeah yeah, your sword revs up but can it do this? (Hunter lifting the wyvern ignition greatsword with the noise a harrier jet makes.)
Banjaxed پیش ماه
Long story short, it works.
Power Fist
Power Fist پیش ماه
Power is stored in the balls.
GoneFishingAmalgam پیش ماه
You know if Dante was your Uncle, you'd be a Dante wannabe too
K C پیش ماه
I thought this was about the Roman Emperor
Humid Path210
Humid Path210 پیش ماه
Woohoo wacky pizza man: ROyaL GuARd Blue kool aid motivation POWER man charging hell on earth: *Parry this you filthy casual*
TopTextBottomText پیش ماه
What makes Nero better than Spartan Locke?
Aya ya
Aya ya پیش ماه
I thought Nero's name was a reference to Nelo Angelo because of a language mistake? Because It was supposed to be Nero Angelo.
david jimenez
david jimenez پیش ماه
Lmfao I love and respect how the green screen is smaller then the frame for trolling purposes, but why does it have to be un-centered too. 😭 if the corners matched it would be, but the fact that its too much to one side makes me go crazy. 🙃
Iffem پیش ماه
yeah, kinda can't be a Holy Knight of an Order after you kill their pope, LOL
MrTylerMatyas پیش ماه
I can't believe no one included the scene from DMC4 where Nero rev's the Red Queen to challenge Dante, and Dante stabs his sword in the ground and pretends to rev Rebellion.
Minx پیش ماه
I was waiting for this video
Moses Leyson
Moses Leyson پیش ماه
Im far away too!
PJOE Colburn
PJOE Colburn پیش ماه
I'm disappointed that the trivia section didn't mention that Nero's VA is Johnny Yong Bosch, who played Adam Park, the second Black Ranger in Power Rangers. His father is voiced by Dan Southworth, who played Eric Myers, the Quantum Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force, and his uncle is voiced by Rueben Langdon, who was a stuntman for several seasons of Power Rangers and for Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. The entire family is tied to toku shows.
Derek Hogan
Derek Hogan پیش ماه
Can we just appreciate that Nero was a knight in the cult of his own grandfather.
Coolname Surnameson
Coolname Surnameson پیش ماه
and he was the black sheep of the order too imagine being the odd one out in a cult made to worship your grandfather who also happens to be the greatest warrior of all time
virus - Detected
virus - Detected پیش ماه
another nice little tidbit is that the red queen in shape resembles a giant messer, a medieval german sword, which is a sword considered to be the middle point between a claymore like the rebellion, and a katana like the yamato
Kenny McBride
Kenny McBride پیش ماه
Wait so his sword revs up? And spreads fire? That’s just a more realistic version of the gunblade from FF8. It’s a sword that fires “bullets(pulses) to bury itself deeper in enemies. And with fire power ups we’ll there you go
halo 69
halo 69 پیش ماه
God please do dante the band names will be the peak
Xid Javier
Xid Javier پیش ماه
Ahahahha. When I saw the thumbnail I imidietly yelled "WOOOH! "WOOOH!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Also I like what you did with the background Its really more creative than usual
Taaha Khan
Taaha Khan پیش ماه
Sparda and Doomguy have alot in common
toelin tetch
toelin tetch پیش ماه
Virgil is the only person in his family that uses a Katana instead of a western style sword, he just had to be special.
Rham Nation
Rham Nation پیش ماه
Ironic that sparda used guns as well
Leku Space
Leku Space پیش ماه
wait nero is voiced by the second black mighty morphin power ranger?
Ian Graham
Ian Graham پیش ماه
Man, nero's just future trunks isn't he?. Like holy shit!
DevilJinKazama پیش ماه
No, he's voiced by Broly. Not Trunks~ But there's some similarity with Trunks, indeed.
NeoIsrafil پیش ماه
The only uncle cooler than Dante is Iroh...
Jaune Arc
Jaune Arc پیش ماه
That's not fair, that's apples to oranges! Dante and Iroh are both badass uncles in entirely separate ways!
Tetra gaming
Tetra gaming پیش ماه
Nero is Vergil's power and motivation mixed with Dante's humanity
Rham Nation
Rham Nation پیش ماه
Yes which is why he represents sparda more than Dante and Vergil
afrocracker69 پیش ماه
How is "Dead Weight" not under Titles?
rob b
rob b پیش ماه
Happy Saturday!
TxKKA پیش ماه
when i got this game on release and got to the part when vergil fuckin pulls up. when i tell you i SCREAMED
Collin_Delorean3610 پیش ماه
Dmc5 video! Hell yeah!
P Dog
P Dog پیش ماه
no fucking way these guys are talking about one of my favourite games
Darius Pettus
Darius Pettus پیش ماه
I’ve been holding out hope y’all would do something on Devil May Cry and i’m glad you did
Dented Timmy
Dented Timmy پیش ماه
I JUST got off dmc and see this video. They really don’t miss
mike torres
mike torres پیش ماه
You look like you belong on the set of away days m8 well done
Yuri savel
Yuri savel پیش ماه
Titles not including "legendary deadweight" is weird after seeing it so many times
Alexander Asher
Alexander Asher پیش ماه
Your playing through dmc5 fuck yeah I'll watch it
Yeet Le Skeet
Yeet Le Skeet پیش ماه
I was actually introduced to devil May cry with Nero. And fun fact Johnny bosch is ichigos voice actor for bleach
Sam Donarski
Sam Donarski پیش ماه
Nero summed up to me was always Vergil's Power and Motivation alongside Dante's Skill and Attitude
Desmond Brown
Desmond Brown پیش ماه
Johnny Yong Bosch is literally in every anime
Desmond Brown
Desmond Brown پیش ماه
And he's a Power Ranger
Wickedsmokr پیش ماه
Lmao i shoulda known this wasn't gonna be about the emperor
Czech Yours
Czech Yours پیش ماه
I’ve been wanting them to talk about DMC 5 for so long, the hype is real!
MercenarySnail پیش ماه
Anytime you get to play as a left-handed character is a win in my book, bonus if they're actually badass.
gomitax92 پیش ماه
i mean he kinda got what he wanted.
Chariot پیش ماه
Bonus fact: the reason why the blue rose is double barreled is because 1 barrel fires a hollow point bullet (for non armored foes) and the other fires armor piercing (for obvious reasons)
Chariot پیش ماه
@Dane Verharen yea, also might be one of the 2 reasons dante shoots e&i in sequence too
Dane Verharen
Dane Verharen پیش ماه
Dosnt the armor piercing also travel slightly ahead so the hollow still has a chance to land in the busted armor of the foe
Niklaus Jankura
Niklaus Jankura پیش ماه
that bastard called me deadweight -funny devil bringer man
Joshiamtheone پیش ماه
I love watching these on my breaks
trustobey1016 پیش ماه
Nero= young Billy Idol.
The Unsung
The Unsung پیش ماه
As much as I enjoyed DMC 5 I hated all the sections where I had to play as V
SemiramisAudron پیش ماه
Wait I thought he was called Nero because Virgil was called Nero (Nelo) Angelo in DMC1 when he was controlled by Mundus?
DR SensuBean
DR SensuBean پیش ماه
Nero was a bitch......sooooo many better characters to talk about
TheFoxSay پیش ماه
My favourite quote. 'Fckin hell dad, calm down.'
Vile Kurr
Vile Kurr پیش ماه
Nero is the DMC version of Raiden
No-One Special
No-One Special پیش ماه
Power is stored in the balls
m god
m god پیش ماه
C-sar •
C-sar • پیش ماه
Vergil's core character is that he is "addicted" to power. Feeling powerfull is how he maintain his sanity after he felt unloved because his mother never came to save him from the demons that attack their home. There is a reason why at the end of dmc 3, vergil's line was "I need more power." He "needs" more power. Not want, but need. Power is like a drug to him. It makes him feel good, but also eats away at his humanity. Vergil's character is actually pretty tragic huh?
Michael Knasel
Michael Knasel پیش ماه
Its so good. I want a legit full anime showcasing virgil coping with life before dmc3
Wyatt Castle
Wyatt Castle پیش ماه
I clicked on this video thinking it would be about Emperor Nero.
Kane Adams
Kane Adams پیش ماه
I've never played a DMC game and hardly knew anything about it until a couple of years back at uni a course mate I was working with went on about the games and I recently found and fell in love with Devil Trigger and now want to play the games so bad!
Hezekiah Duncan
Hezekiah Duncan پیش ماه
Hey I just beat this game. Are you guys spying on me? Goddammit, NSA.
Snazzy-Hood پیش ماه
Freaking loved Devil May Cry,I hope We get a Dmc6 soon.
ecurps1 پیش ماه
So... You're telling me the hyperactive bundle of sex energy that is Dante doesn't have kids, but Mr. Sourpuss Virgil Sesshoumaru wannabe does...? Logic???
kirbyfanprime پیش 22 روز
I like the theory that some woman in Fortuna found out Vergil was the son of Sparda, made the connection that he was basically their Jesus, and then tracked him down to get that divine nut.
Jaune Arc
Jaune Arc پیش ماه
Dante does not know what sex is. So it is written.
smward87 پیش ماه
@ecurps1 His demonic blood makes the mate irrelevant. As for only stopping at one child, he's also extremely arrogant and paranoid so having too many children means he will be more easily overthrown. It's all about power mad delusions. As for why he doesn't do it with demons/devils because he hates them just as much as Dante. If not more.
ecurps1 پیش ماه
@smward87 But if that's the case, then wouldn't it make more sensefor Virgil to hunt down skilled or "powerful" women so his progeny would more likely be of high quality, too? Or does quantity matter more?? Cause if that's the case, shouldn't he be out sexing up demons/devils instead?
smward87 پیش ماه
Spreading your lineage is part of becoming more powerful in Vergil's eyes. You can bet your ass there was no love between whoever he knocked up. He probably just chose a random woman off the street.
Zubat-Man پیش ماه
I'm betting my underpants, Capcom made Nero Vergil's son, just so Dante gains the ultimate status of coolness: being THE cool Uncle
David Holt
David Holt پیش 26 روز
I feel like that fact that they are so certain he can't be Dante's son seems to imply that Dante is a virgin or at least never did it for like 5 years surrounding when Nero was born.
Nathan McCarthy
Nathan McCarthy پیش ماه
Dante knows he's his uncle in their first meeting so probably
shonkle bonkle
shonkle bonkle پیش ماه
I trust it to be true.
Zanatu پیش ماه
i believe it
Al Dullton
Al Dullton پیش ماه
I think I'd like to see a fact fiend focus on dmc
MR TERMINATE01 پیش ماه
Devil may cry 1 was the first game I've ever played, I am in love with this series.
Kurogiri Games
Kurogiri Games پیش ماه
They forgot to add Deadweight to the nicknames
Daddy Andre
Daddy Andre پیش 8 روز
Yeah, the Deadweight son has to have a deadbeat dad!
Matthew Broman
Matthew Broman پیش ماه
Thanks for the content! Neat as always 😀
Adam Bomb
Adam Bomb پیش ماه
I love dmc and I was worried this was for click bate and would be full of bullshit but then I seen this was factfiend and knew it would me true and funny
Upcycle Shoes
Upcycle Shoes پیش ماه
DeAd weight!
B Targ
B Targ پیش ماه
He looks exactly like Dante in the DMC reboot so he looks like he's tying to be him but holy shit is he cool.
Karl Hye traveler of worlds, lights priest
Well they had to use the model for something
Rham Nation
Rham Nation پیش ماه
They used the design of DmC donte as a reference for Nero Edit: well not a reference but foundation for a new design
MercenarySnail پیش ماه
I'm glad that I'm not the only person to notice that lol makes me wonder if Capcom did it on purpose 😂
aarish baig
aarish baig پیش ماه
T. BB [PaintSplash1712]
You’re making me interested in Devil May Cry so I just want to know, can I skip straight to 5 and understand what’s going on or do I have to go to chronological and go to 1?
Nick Elakon
Nick Elakon پیش ماه
Devil may cry 3 is one of the best games ever made Play it Play 1, 3, 4 then 5.
Pyrocumulus25 پیش ماه
Devil May Cry 5 has a recap of all the previous games that goes over the important information, if you buy the game you can find it in the main menu or just look it up and watch it on youtube. I think it’s five minutes long maximum
GalaxyDragon 493
GalaxyDragon 493 پیش ماه
Best fact channel
Secret Septus
Secret Septus پیش ماه
Uncle Dante can be possibly beaten by Uncle Iroh from Avatar the last Airbender
Sienna Hartle
Sienna Hartle پیش ماه
No one can match Uncle Iroh
Rham Nation
Rham Nation پیش ماه
You right
LanEvo6 پیش ماه
deadweight headass