X-Men Heaven Has A Revolving Door (Fictional Deaths That Hit Us Hard) 

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It is well known that in the world of comics, death is pretty much optional. This concept is especially true for the X-Men.
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Jean Grey,
Death of Wolverine,
Return of Wolverine,
Gotham Knights,
Batman: Arkahm Knight,
The Hulk,
Uncle Ben,
Bucky Barnes,
Green Goblin,
Professor X,
Ben Urich,
Ben Grimm,
J Jonah Jameson,
Tony Stark,
The Ancient One,
Infinity War,
Tom Holland Spiderman,
Gotham Knights Trailer (2020),
Dragon Ball Z (1996 - 2003),
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006),
Avengers: Endgame (2019),
"Two Finger Johnny" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Sam Mock
Sam Mock پیش 2 روز
2 words, Winchester brothers
lost colony forge
lost colony forge پیش 4 روز
Diovolo has died the most, he was in an infinite death loop
bloemundude پیش 9 روز
Thank goodness they didn't kill Dr. Strange even once in the film. pushed out of body . . . flatlines . . . the Dormammu scene . . . Oh, I forgot about those times.
Kitter Duhn
Kitter Duhn پیش 10 روز
Save ben parker ben parker stays dead
David Jordan
David Jordan پیش 12 روز
kenny died more than any other character
christopher bilko
christopher bilko پیش 13 روز
The fictional character that dies the most us kenny from south park
shaunthegoat پیش 16 روز
Arthur Morgan death hit me like a truck
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange پیش 20 روز
captain jack harkness; was killed every 2 minutes, for centuries when he was buried; under london, and died for thousands of years straight non stop lol
Lord Nitram
Lord Nitram پیش 21 روز
Insurance companies must F-ing hate the X-Men.
Jadian Radiator
Jadian Radiator پیش 23 روز
12:08 You're technically wrong, as Hedwig was killed by an avacadavre curse. Which has nothing to do with the cage nor her falling.
Jadian Radiator
Jadian Radiator پیش 23 روز
11:03 Actually, she didn't come back in universe. It was only an actual real world real life that she came back. But in Universe it's time travel they met her past self, which what makes it technically not haven come back.
Jadian Radiator
Jadian Radiator پیش 23 روز
10:42 It wouldn't surprise me if they brought back Tony Stark that way. Mainly because they brought back Thanos for End Game that way.
Axnic World
Axnic World پیش 26 روز
Fucking Bambi hits the hardest
josh D
josh D پیش 28 روز
What about fictional characters who are put into infinite death loops like Subaru from re:zero or diavolo from jojo
Aarogoth پیش ماه
Didnt the xmen recently invent an actual respawn system
claws 21
claws 21 پیش ماه
Kenny from South Park probably has the highest record for dying and coming back to life. 🤔
Lulluf پیش ماه
Top fictional characters who've died the most times as far as I can tell: 1. Kenny from South Park 2. Subaru Natsuki from Re:Zero 3. Jean Grey from X-Men 4. Son Goku and/or Vegeta
IncendiarytheGreat پیش ماه
Uh, Mar-Vell dying of cancer is pretty much a permanent death
Jamie Mckelvie
Jamie Mckelvie پیش ماه
Oh for sure Ironman and captain America are coming back for secret wars, for absolute sure
Seth Latimer
Seth Latimer پیش ماه
Doctor Who died approximately 54 billion times in one episode.
Wacky woohoo pizza man
Diavolo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 5 has the most deaths because he is dying infinitely.
King Arthur
King Arthur پیش ماه
Would Diavolo dying infinite deaths in JoJo count as the most deaths?
supersethgamer پیش ماه
As a supernatural fan, that little fun fact about dean made me laugh
MrJarred45 پیش ماه
Obviously no one dies more than Kenny
DC Diver
DC Diver پیش ماه
In DBZ, Krillin may be the most resurrected character. It even became a joke in DBZ that it isn't a big deal if Krillin dies. Again.
Chris Skeeters
Chris Skeeters پیش ماه
Depending on how good you are at the game, I would say that Wolf from Sekiro has died the most, because he canonically dies every time you do while playing.
Broke Mr Turtle
Broke Mr Turtle پیش ماه
Dvl Gxng
Dvl Gxng پیش ماه
Kenny from south park
janenba352 پیش ماه
Goku only died twice....
Glitch Glue
Glitch Glue پیش ماه
I was expecting the clip of green arrows death from robot chicken to be honest lol
TheGeek7430 پیش ماه
Does every death of Captain Jack Harkness count? Bc he dies die, he just comes back a few seconds later. (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
Kristiansan Cooper
Kristiansan Cooper پیش ماه
Kenny from South Park has died a lot hasn't he?
Skeletor پیش ماه
Spoilers for Titanfall 2 and Kill La Kill BT-7274’s death always ALWAYS gets me, you spend the whole campaign building up your trust with him, and in the cases where he says “trust me.” You DO trust him, even when it seemingly gets him killed. You get his data core and are given the chance to revive him, but soon after things go wrong, and when he pulls you out and throws you, with one final “trust me” it just hurts... As weird as it is considering the context, Kill La Kill’s final episode and Senketsu’s death got me, especially with Ryuko’s lines and the line delivery when she screams his name fucks me up, though I may be biased considering I finished it recently. It’s real close between these two but one for sure is the fictional death that hit me the hardest.
Speedness465 پیش ماه
In DC they literally have a thing so that any character even normal ones can come back through the Lazarus pit
Gun Deity
Gun Deity پیش ماه
Sam or dean winchester die all the time and come back. But in fiction Kenny from south park died the most.
Melting_Pot پیش ماه
do the theaths of Dr Strange in his movie count as 1?
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee پیش ماه
Kenny from south park
Slow Creep
Slow Creep پیش ماه
Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. He's very obviously a superhero, so... lol...
penny for your thots
penny for your thots پیش ماه
I mean, I cried when Princess Leia died in the rise of Skywalker, but that was more of a contextual thing because of things outside of the movie, the movie itself is nothing to invest me in her as a character. In the same vein, Star Wars the Clone Wars has made the order 66 scene infinitely more gut wrenching because you know most of this characters. Basically all jun maeda works (the don't suck) are tear jerkers because at minimum one person dies. Also, the prowler in spiderverse got me.
Ketsueki Nikushimi
Ketsueki Nikushimi پیش ماه
Pretty sure they use uncle Ben as the Spiderman of the poison world in the first spiderverse arc.
Mateus da Rosa Tosta
Mateus da Rosa Tosta پیش ماه
What about Gwen Stacy? Did she come back?
Stefan Meyer
Stefan Meyer پیش ماه
The winchester Brothers from supernatural
Paul Bujak
Paul Bujak پیش ماه
Thunderbird of the X-men has never returned... Right?! I haven't read comics on a few years, but I assume he has never returned.
Gary Symons
Gary Symons پیش ماه
Kenny McCormick from south park. This is canon in show by having his trailer trash mom birth another kid and it turned out to be Kenny after he died in an earlier scene. Hes been 8to Heaven, then Hell and came back.
For Love of The Page
For Love of The Page پیش ماه
Tony Stark will be an AI in marvel.
BearsFlatisle پیش ماه
Bringing thid out of comics: The Doctor not only dies 13 times and regenerates, but during the episode "Heaven sent", the twelfth doctor dies billions of times while in a repeating cycle
Drew Hogan
Drew Hogan پیش ماه
I'd argue optimus prime is in the running for most deaths
Darrell Murray
Darrell Murray پیش ماه
Lordgenome had both the coolest death and revival ever. He had a key shoved in his chest and a 4 foot hole opened in his torso. Then a decade later, his manliness revives him...in space...walking...naked...on fire. He the proceeds to eat a Big Bang and turn himself into a giant drill bit.
Central Nexus
Central Nexus پیش ماه
You made me think of the Black Lantern series. Over half the JLA went Black because at one time or another they had been dead....
D-Mon from the Tip
D-Mon from the Tip پیش ماه
In the various media out there for Transformer Prime and Starscream have some big numbers too.
satokgood1 پیش ماه
people die when they are killed.
Chris Campling
Chris Campling پیش ماه
Love when simpsons took the piss out of this with poochy they made sure that poochy is actually dead and had lawyers saying he will never come back lol
The_ Senate
The_ Senate پیش ماه
Anyone in the MCU: *dies* Coulson: "First time?"
scannuh 002
scannuh 002 پیش ماه
Is live die repeat character an xman 🤣
Austin Stewart
Austin Stewart پیش ماه
how about the alternate Spiderman that's uncle ben
Austin Stewart
Austin Stewart پیش ماه
what about how nightcrawler just fuckin teleports out of heaven.
Gilded Goblin
Gilded Goblin پیش ماه
I'm glad the footnote mentioned Dean Winchester having an obscene number of deaths. I think he broke 150 by the end of the series.
DonutLookingAss پیش ماه
Characters in One Piece don't seem to die either.
Andy Andersson
Andy Andersson پیش ماه
100% iron man will be back. maybe not 616 iron man but marvel is about to have a fight for the multiverse soooo
Jay Av
Jay Av پیش ماه
I don't know of this counts but they brought back Uncle Ben for a story in the Silk comic book series with time travel.
Jay Av
Jay Av پیش ماه
Connor from the SCP Confinement series has died the most in fiction. No contest.
Chris Gage
Chris Gage پیش ماه
The clear winner is obviously Scratchy. From The Itchy and Scratchy show.
Andrew Orr
Andrew Orr پیش ماه
Uncle ben was alive in Wanda's everyone gets what they want most,house of m,hes been in many multiple universes too
May Turner
May Turner پیش ماه
Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG1 dies multiple times, to the point that they start making in- show jokes about it.
Sorry if I don’t offend you
Maybe the reason the X-men die all the time and come back is actually a Insurance scam that all take out insurance fake Deaths multiple times so when the x-mansion explode they’ve got money to rebuild it
Rhys Causon
Rhys Causon پیش ماه
There’s one thing I’ve never thought of for comic book character obituary writers.
That Cleanup Guy
That Cleanup Guy پیش ماه
look up how many times diavolo dies in JoJo
Adam Burndred
Adam Burndred پیش ماه
Anyone else see the time they had to kill off colossus because the writers realized that Kitty Pryde was under age and then was resurrected and found on her 18th birthday
ATetrisBlock پیش ماه
At this point whenever someone dies there should be like a 2-year grace period on all deaths before they start publishing obituaries and reading wills.
Alex Stardust
Alex Stardust پیش ماه
watch, within a year they'll bring uncle ben back as a zombie
Red Ranger Rob
Red Ranger Rob پیش ماه
Logan 😢
Noah Jacoby-Twigg
Noah Jacoby-Twigg پیش ماه
starscream has died 36 times. just putting that out there
Wild Ladd
Wild Ladd پیش ماه
Hugh jackman as Logan aka wolverine in 2017 Logan best marvel movie not MCU because 20th Century fox movie
RadicalKattastrophe پیش ماه
Uncle Ben isn't completely dead. He's a ghost ... Kinda.
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson پیش ماه
I hate how they kill off Icarus and Wing. Vulcan the third Summer brother. Thunderbird John Proudbird's older brother. James Proudbird,. aka Warpath not dead.
Avery French
Avery French پیش ماه
Danny phantom has died most
Nashi Proxy
Nashi Proxy پیش ماه
There's a comic book character called Resurrection man.
Blake Alexander
Blake Alexander پیش ماه
Uncle Ben has come back sometimes as a clone of Spiderman also in the 90's series spider man went back in time had a chance to save him and was going to until uncle Ben talked him out of it because of him being proud of the man he became
Killian Craft
Killian Craft پیش ماه
Dean from supernatural died a lot.
Mário Gonçalves
Mário Gonçalves پیش ماه
Name ONE characer that Has died more then Kenny! Or Misteryon if you feel like it?
Ross Adams
Ross Adams پیش ماه
I gotta enter Dean Winchester in for the "who died the most" he's done it almost 100 times.
TT پیش ماه
Pretty sure the doctor from dr who is one of the characters that has died the most
AgentKryptoNinja پیش ماه
Kakyoin sad as hell
Brad Robins
Brad Robins پیش ماه
Black panther is dead I don’t think he’s going through that revolving door 😭😭
i know you usually dont take ideas from the coments but maybe you should try making one on how in the alternate marvel zombie universe magneto is the last major super and is super cool in the universe
Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett پیش ماه
I don’t appreciate just learning my new favourite channel on IRitem is shot in the city I live.
Zelnyair پیش ماه
Isn't Solomon Grundy in the Batman universe immortal or something? If you kill him he'll always come back. I know that opens up the technicality of "Can you even kill him on a technicality if he won't stay dead for good?" but I wanted to point that one out there since the video was talking about comics.
GenerationWest پیش ماه
Now with Jonathan Hickman's era of X-Men, him just overhauling their direction by giving them a sovereign nation, they essentially conquered death. Also, it brings up the question, so everytime they die, they make a clone, are there multiple clones souls in the afterlife, or do they come back with the same soul... Okay, let's not ponder on that, Krakoa needs a orgy party, another mutant has been reborn from a pod, covered in gold liquid. God I love this run lol
EeeisMe Baker
EeeisMe Baker پیش ماه
There's a version of Uncle Ben who has the spider powers in another realm. He was in one of the run where the villains are the like Spider vampire people who hunt down the spider totems to eat. Sorry can't think of their names.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith پیش ماه
"What fictional character death hit you the hardest?" I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I-
moe trash
moe trash پیش ماه
I mean diavolo keeps dying over and over again till eternity sooo...
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson پیش ماه
At least in Dragonball Z it made sense the first 800 times.
LegoGuyDude پیش ماه
I think the 11th doctor holds the title of 'character who has died the most time.' There was an episode where he dies every three days or so for the entire length of the universe's lifespan. Also, I was expecting you to mention Krakoa and the Five. I guess not everyone reads comics.
RoonMian پیش ماه
Optimus Prime dying in the transformers movie fucked me up as a kid. But he came back in the comics. With a tiny human who could transform into an engine in his chest. Motormasters. Damn, the Transformers Marvel comics were weird. They continued the tradition of any Transformers media only existing to push toys (Several new lines of toys were "Motormasters", "Headmasters" or "Targetmasters", Transformers who had little human sidekicks who could transform into their engines, heads or guns respectively).
mick hughes
mick hughes پیش ماه
We're whalers on the moon, We carry a harpoon, For they ain't no whales So we tell tall tales And sing our whaling tune.
GrimmSage پیش ماه
Kenny from South Park has died quite a bit.
World of One Piece
World of One Piece پیش ماه
Um...what about Kenny?
Durandus پیش ماه
Subaru from re:zero I think he has died nearly 100+ times.
Gretchen Z
Gretchen Z پیش ماه
The only thing I dislike about a Fact Fiend video is that I’ve decided to let the adverts run, so they get some money.
Guillermo Reloba López
Uuuh Hedwig died from a Death Eater's curse, not because of the fall. It's even more heartbreaking because Harry manages to catch the cage in time and then a curse aimed at him kills Hedwig.
The New Mutants